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Head off cancer with early detection

No, this is not a truck review, I’m still waiting for the 2023 trucks to make it to the media fleet.

I want to talk about cancer. In my opinion, rural America has a higher rate of cancer vs. suburban America. I’m not sure why, is it the water, fertilizer, pesticides etc.? Is it generic, is it medical resources? In the country, Flight for Life is our best hope and I’d like to see a study that explains this. Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness month, this month is Men’s Health. Big topics with some solutions.

Breast cancer killed my mother when I was 5 years old. I’ve lost a sister to cancer. Two more sisters, who had breast cancer, are survivors. And two nieces recovered from breast cancer, one got tested for the cancer gene. We’ve been asking doctors for years if it was heredity. Now we have proof. One in eight women get breast cancer, and one in 8,000 men get breast cancer. So less than women but thousands of men die of breast cancer. Because of all the cancer in my immediate family, my doctor has me getting a mammogram every two years. Now I have a t-shirt, yes, it’s pink, to show I believe in early detection even for men. I also get tested for prostate cancer and colon cancer. My mom died of breast cancer in 1963. Since then there has been gigantic progress with curing cancer. We read about, Olivia Newton John and her battle with cancer and like my sister, she beat cancer several times before we lost them. It is a battle that we all need to be engaged to get our loved ones tested and push for more research. Also last month, Katie Couric announced her battle with breast cancer.

We all know someone in the battle. Just found out my youngest daughter had a bump on her back that turned out to be cancer. It kills me to see any more 5-year-old’s lose their mothers. Sure dads are important, but moms teach us social skills, kindness, hygiene, how to treat woman. Moms keep us balanced and positive. After losing my wife, Ruth five years ago, I understand my dad better. When mom died, he was 48 with eight kids. Four of us were still at home. I got to know dad when he was sad and alone. Breast cancer greatly affected my dad’s view of life. Of course, he blamed mom’s doctor for her death. Back then all there was was cobalt and radiation. That same year we lost mom, at 5 I had appendicitis. Dad wouldn’t take me to mom’s doctor, so he took me to the other doctor. He said I ate too much chocolate. That night I told dad I wanted to see mom’s doctor. At mom’s doctors office my appendices burst. And I’m here today. My brother wasn’t as lucky, after we lost mom, Steve fell of the church concrete steps and broke out his front teeth. He had s high fever for a week and dad would not take him to the doctor. This caused terrible problems latter in his life. We buried Steve this year. I don’t blame dad for that, but I’m connecting how much can happen when we lose mothers to breast cancer. We’ve been fighting cancer forever. Get tested, women and men. We know the top five cancers, early detection is mandatory. Just my opinion.

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