Helping farm families through legislation |

Helping farm families through legislation

Looking at the devastating flooding of the Missouri River in 2019 and how it impacted the people and farmers of our nation is just one of the reasons I became active in climate change. I was reading Lynn Muench’s submission here on The Fence Post on how parts of the government mismanaged some of the Missouri River policies and as a result, may have made the situation worse.

Citizens Climate Lobby is working on two carbon bills that take a long-term and helpful approach to climate change. They understand that climate change bills that place a burden on farmers are a bad idea. These bills work to make sure that American farming is protected from the upcoming changes due to climate change. One of the bills, the Growing Climate Solutions Act, recently passed. The American Farm Bureau Federation was a supporter and I think did an excellent write-up of that bill. The other bill congress is working to get passed now is the Energy Innovation Act (HR2307). It works to place a carbon fee on fossil fuels, but instead of putting that money into the government that money is instead sent directly to the American taxpayers. This approach encourages businesses to move away from fossil fuels, but it does not directly tell them how to innovate. That is the part American business does best, let them do it. The second part of paying that fee directly to the American taxpayer does two things. It reduces any burden placed on them with cash. Since that money does not go directly to the government they are not encouraged to increase the fee for budget gains. A lot of effort went into this bill to make it fair. Please check out the bill and call your representatives if you think it would help farming families.


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