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High and dry in Denver

I went to Denver last weekend to attend the Colorado Press Association Annual Convention and, of course, I stayed at my daughter’s place.

On Sunday morning, we got up early to go on a little hike. So we got the leash out for her dog, Mac, and took off for the hills. We weren’t going on a long hike so we didn’t even bring any water or sunscreen. Not that I need it, but my daughter is a red head and she burns pretty easily.

We started up the trail at a brisk pace, set by Mac, who was constantly poking his nose into holes and bushes. He’s lucky he didn’t get bit in the nose by a rattlesnake.

We mostly were going uphill and I admit I was getting a little winded. We saw a couple deer and some elk and took a lot of photos. At one point, I was going to suggest we turn around and go back the way we came because we had been going a long ways. But but I didn’t want to sound like a wimp so I just kept going.

When my daughter came to visit me in Anchorage, Alaska, I made her climb Flattop Mountain. It is a 3-mile round-trip hike and is 3,350 feet in elevation.

Before you can get to the top you have to climb on big boulders as you hang off the side of the mountain. Still can’t believe I climbed that three times. Well, my daughter and I got split up climbing the boulders and she ended up at the top long before me, and was screaming for her mother. I guess she thought I fell to my death. But we reunited and lived to hike again.

So I guess this was my turn to suffer.

We finally made it to what must have been the top of the trail because we could see most of Denver and some snow-capped mountains from there. Then, as I was heading back the way we came, my daughter insisted that we keep following the trail back to the beginning.

At that point, I was getting a little crabby. I was so thirsty, I was tempted to mug the next hiker or biker who came along and steal their water. And the sun was beating down on us and the temperature was rising.

So we argued for a while and decided to keep going on the trail we were on instead of going back. She reminded me that she served in the military, and that I should trust her to get us back. So, I said, fine, but you may have to carry me out of here on your back, which shouldn’t be hard for someone who served in the military. She just laughed.

I kept looking for landmarks of the place where we started and every time we rounded a corner nothing looked familiar.

I don’t know how many miles we hiked but we were out there for four hours.

Luckily we had water in the truck and air conditioning. Next time I go for a little hike with her I’m going to plan better. ❖


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