It’s a matter of respect |

It’s a matter of respect

Gentle readers, it is a matter of respect. Or maybe respect like the Reverend, Al Sharpton, recently quoted.

Regardless of how you spell it, it all comes down to respect. I watched a documentary on prison life in one of California’s toughest prisons recently.

The bottom line was you have to respect certain groups or individuals if you want to survive. I ask myself, “what’s there to respect in someone who is in prison for committing horrible crimes? Actually what it is, is you are in fear of your life and you do as you are told if you want to survive. There is no respect involved at all, it’s pure survival mode.”

I have always respected folks that I felt like were “real” and not superficial. Folks that “walked the walk”. My brother, a retired pastor, and my two sisters (one deceased) always made room for the down and out.

“Pull quote.”

They were givers and always “walked the walk.” Of course they, like myself, have always had a few chinks in their armor, but we all do. My dad and both my brother-in-laws, “walked the walk” and I always had the upmost respect for them.

We stumble and fall on occasion as in that time when my mom and I were shopping for school clothes for me. We passed a small clothing store and I said, “why don’t we try this place?”

Mom replied, “it’s owned by a Jew and we don’t shop with Jews.”

It took a few years to think back on that and pause, “my Lord and Savior is a Jew, what’s up with that?” Can I say that? Of course I can. It was the 1950s, that’s what was up with that. Thank heavens that all has changed and will continue to change as time passes.

I have known and worked with cowboys that were so foul of mouth they could derail a freight train.

There were times I would much rather be with them than sitting in church next to someone I knew was a fraud. You know folks like that. All hat and no cattle when it comes to a good moral foundation.

Do you remember the pastor from Colorado Springs, Colo., a few years back that would ride his Harley up to Denver to get his usual supply of meth and have a relationship with a male prostitute?

He was pastor of a “mega church” and one of his favorite sermons was, “we love the sinner, but hate the sin!” His lover saw him on the “telly” one day and realized who he was and what a “fraud” he was so he called the local news media in the Springs and spilled the beans.

Hard to believe ain’t it? I’ve know of pastors just as bad. Chosen by God himself to bring the gospel of “the good news” or so they would have you believe.

We have politicians at this moment acting like those guys you see in the TV commercials eating little “gummy bears.”

I have a hard time believing that these are adults charged with the responsibility of keeping America on a straight and narrow path. It’s pathetic!

I don’t know of a rancher or farmer that would sit down at a table with these morons and tolerate 5 minutes of their nonsense. Do you?

There are good and decent folks all over this great country and there are many in politics. Most feel like they have to “play the game” to get reelected. I cannot respect anyone, anywhere that will not at least “walk the walk” defined by their own definition of what’s good and decent and what will benefit not only you and but our beloved AMERICA!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and whatever you do. Stand your ground in all situations, “walk that walk.”

I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

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