It’s our Right to Know |

It’s our Right to Know

As U.S. consumers and producers, it is our Right to Know where our beef and pork comes from. Today there is no mandatory country-of-origin labeling (mCOOL) for beef or pork as there is for chicken and lamb. As a result, meat packers can source beef and pork from anywhere in the world, simply repackage it, and label it as “Product of the USA.”

As consumers, it is Our Right to Know from which country our beef and pork was produced. That is the only way we can choose between beef and pork born, raised, and harvested here in the USA — where we have the highest quality and safest meat in the world — or a product from another country that we know little or nothing about.

As producers, it is Our Right to Know that our meat is being represented honestly to the consumer as 100% born, raised and harvested in the USA.

As producers, it is also Our Right to Know the true prices that packers pay for fed cattle — meaning we have a right to total market transparency. Only then can producers be assured the market is not being distorted by secret agreements.

We consumers are paying record prices for beef in the grocery store that continues to be misrepresented as to its origin, thus depriving us the opportunity to choose the safest and highest quality beef in the world — beef born, raised and harvested in the USA. Instead, the market is returning the smallest share in history back to producers, while beef packers post record profits.

We are losing independent U.S. cattle ranchers at an alarming rate, which creates less and less competition while inflating beef prices for consumers.

Producers need consumers as much as consumers need producers. It is time we band together and demand we be afforded with Our Right to Know. Call your members of Congress and demand mandatory COOL, total price transparency in cattle markers, and that they restore competition by requiring packers to purchase a minimum of 50% of their cattle in the cash market.

Working together we consumers and producers are stronger and we can create a fair market where consumers can choose beef born and raised by U.S. producers who can then be profitable again producing the safe, high quality beef consumers want and deserve.


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