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Jack: Good Morning America

Well, gentle readers, it is a beautiful morning this Saturday as I sit down to converse with you, my friends, again.

I have been sitting out on the front deck with a hot cup of coffee in the cool of the morning. I haven’t fixed breakfast as of yet mainly ‘cause I wanted to be outside drinking coffee. I had already fed the ponies, made my bed and said, America, here I come!

While engaged in my morning thoughts I caught myself listening to a Meadow Lark perched on a fence post just across the road. He/she was high-lighted by a beautiful blue Colorado sky and the snow capped peaks of the Rockies some 20 miles distant. Man! What a beautiful way to start the morning.

For the past few years I have tried to imitate the calls and whistles of Meadow Larks. I called out to this bird and got an immediate response. Right about now I’m thinking what a “cool” old man I am.

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Speaking of getting old, when you receive this I hope to turn the double sevens the following day. Yep, I do. There are those times I wonder to myself … ”Where did the years go? How did I get here so fast?”

Well, there’s a lot of you out there thinking the very same thing. The good thing about it all is that we are AMERICANS! Yep, citizens of the most desired and sought after country on this planet.

If you listen to some folks they would have you believe that America is this terrible country that abuses many of its citizens and those that slipped into the country that want to live out their lives here.

What I haven’t been able to settle in my mind is why those complaining folks that disparage this wonderful country haven’t just packed up and left. I mean, after all, if it’s really that bad they are free to leave and there are a whole lot of them I wish would just shut up or get the heck outta’ here.

I took a short walk out into the pasture this morning just to check and see how the grass is responding to the warm day we had yesterday. It’s been so cold the grasses have just retreated back into the ground or so it appeared. I was encouraged by my short walk as the buffalo grass is poppin’ out and looking for the sun.

My daughter, Sunni, and her daughter Kailee, came out yesterday to bring their new pup and Kailee came to help “Grandpa” do some mowing and cleaning up around the yard. What a sweetie they both are and I am so blessed whenever they come out.

Sunni and I wound up down at the creek as she wanted to look for colorful rocks for her flowerbeds. We got in a good visit a little later and they left so Grandpa could clean up and get ready to go dancin’. I did.

It’s always interesting to me how our internal clock seems to always be on time. It was a little after midnight when I got to bed and at 5 this morning that internal clock sounded the alarm as it has after being on the ranch for so many years.

I will confess I did lay there a bit before I rolled out and put on the coffee. Yes, GOOD MORNING AMERICA!

I think that when it gets a little warmer I will jump on the Harley and run into town and check the mail. That ol’ Harley needs a little soot blown out of it. I keep thinking each year that this will be the year I ride. Either I sell that bike or give it to one of my kids or grandkids. We’ll see.

I have ridden a couple of times in weeks past and it appears that I THINK I’m still young enough to wrestle that thing here and about. We’ll see. The last thing I want to happen is to wind up on the 6 o’clock news. No thank you.

I am looking forward to happy days and some summer time fun. Winter always seems to drag away some of my excitement for living when it refuses to give up and leave until it’s appropriate time. That time is now, hot dawg! Here’s wishing y’all a happy, safe, fun summer.

Stay tuned, wear those life jackets while on the water, wear your sun screen, watch out for rattlesnakes, remember to check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.❖


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