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Harvest in the heartland

November is a unique month for most of us here in the High Plains. Fall crops are coming out of the field, calves are either weaned or have already been sold, most of the fall cow work is done, and cattle are being moved from their summer ranges to crop residue or winter pasture. It’s a time of year that really rewards the efforts that we as producers have put in all year long. This year had its own challenges, like every year does, but given that this year follows the abnormality caused by the pandemic last year, I would say we all have a lot to be thankful for this harvest season.

Each fall as I watch my calves sell, or see the neighbors fill truck after truck with corn from a combine, I am reminded to be thankful. I am thankful that I can live this simple life here in God’s country where we seem to be so far away from the troubles and arguments of the big cities. I am thankful that I can take my wife and children along with me at any time to help me do my job. I am grateful for the men and women like me and my family that spend their time working until the job is done, rather than when the clock chimes quitting time. Most of all however, I am thankful for the God in heaven that blesses me and my family more and more with each passing day.

Recently my wife and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. We aren’t much for the fancy things in life so we celebrated with a pizza and a movie night while the grandparents got to spend time with our children. We were reminded of why we love the simple life when we made a trip to Colorado Springs to do this. Crossing over six lanes of traffic and trying to avoid bicyclists was not our cup of tea. To say that we are thankful that the only traffic jams we enjoy involve cows holding up the feed truck as it tries to drive down the road would be an understatement.

While the night away from the kids was welcome, they are a big part of our life here on the ranch. Our daughter can spot cows anywhere and gets rather excited when she does. Her love for all things animals make the seasons of ranching all that more enjoyable. Our boy enjoys going with daddy while we do things horseback, but his real love is for tractors and combines. With all the harvest activity going on, he is in heaven watching combines, grain carts and trucks on a daily basis. These two blessings are kept in line by their mother who is the biggest blessing in my life. Without her, we wouldn’t be able to run our own cows, let alone be a functioning family unit.

We often take for granted the time that we have here on this earth. We break our days up into hours and minutes, and for those people out there that only work by the clock, they cannot understand the dedication that it takes to be farmers and ranchers. We in production ag often only know the time of the day by when the sun starts to set. We are resilient, hard working and dedicated, but we can only do this because often our families are working beside us.

Without a doubt I am most thankful that God above lets me live this life that I lead with my family by my side. He sends the rain for the grass and the crops. When I worry that we may be short on a note payment, he provides a way for us. It is his strength and not my own that helps me through the biggest struggles.

As you gather with your families later this month to celebrate Thanksgiving. Be sure to give thanks for the harvest and for the men and women who work daily to put every meal on your table. That’s all for this time, keep tabs on your side of the barbed wire and God bless.

Jade Meinzer

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