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Keep it reel

 If you gentle readers recall, some time back I took issue with the new television series called Yellowstone. I opined as to how it was so unreal in actual ranch life. You just don’t kill folks right and left and blah, blah, blah. At coffee one morning one of my buddies let me know that I was being a little petty. “Jack, it’s television, it’s not real, it’s for entertainment, that’s all.”

I gave that comment a great deal of consideration and decided to just enjoy the program and not nit pick it to death. The new season for Yellowstone started last Sunday and I’m looking forward to watching again this season. I do share it with Sunday Night Football. I do love my football.

On the Yellowstone series the loyal ranch hands may be branded on their chest. Now ain’t that stupid? Here at the ONO we notch our ears instead of branding the folks that help me from time to time. I just had my right ear whittled on yesterday.

Yup, ol’ cancer was eating away at the outer edge of my ear and down through the earlobe. I pulled the bandages off today and it’s a little ugly. The surgeon did his best to repair it and now I have one big ear and one normal size ear. The Hanks boys all have big ears. We get them from ol’ Abe as he is on our family tree. My uncle Marvin got into a fight after a feller called him a”big eared bastard” in a Texas dance hall many years ago. That feller found out it’s sure okay to have big ears!

Speaking of Yellowstone, it’s “reel” cowboy life not “real” cowboy life. Some parts of it hit close to home and well, some of the other parts of it border on the ridiculous. With that said, I see where someone on Facebook posted that they would like to see Beth, John Dutton’s daughter, (he owns the ranch) show up on The View and chat with those gals for a bit. Wow! Wouldn’t that be something? It would be in the real world, and even in the reel world. Ol’ Beth, she is a rounder and pretty determined to get what she believes is due her in all aspects of life.

I have a neighbor just up the road by the name of “Hoss.” I ain’t making that up. He goes to the new high school here in Wellington, Colo., and from all reports is going to be a great wrestler. In fact, I think he has already taken first place in several matches. When he was a little smaller and younger, he rode bulls and was a super good little bull rider. I think they ought to find a spot on Yellowstone for this kid. I mean, being a cowboy and rough and tumble, he should fit right in and with a name like “Hoss,” how could ya go wrong?

Recently, I watched some reruns of the Yellowstone series that I had missed and was amazed at how many folks that were killed during the programs. I mean, I think most everyone in that Dutton family has killed someone for some reason or other. Here we have some more of that reel ranch life and not the real ranch life. Oh, I have known of folks that got caught doing this or that on some of those Texas ranches and wound up gettin’ shot. Real ranch life, but out of the ordinary for sure. Years ago, there was a family that had a shoot out with other family members over water issues. It happens. It was a tragic and sad thing that happened, however it was real ranch and farm life and that was in our community.

I think John Dutton will survive another season however, he got shot up pretty bad in one of the shows. Reel television not real ranch life. It is entertaining and yep, I’ll watch it when I can. It always makes for good conversation around the cafe.

I hope you veterans had a great day on Friday, Nov. 11.

I am concerned about these middle term elections. I would have hoped for better results for folks of my political views. Didn’t happen and upwards and onward we go. 

Let me wish all of you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving this year. Time marches on!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, Keep it real, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’al.

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