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Kent sundling: Mr. Truck 12-31-12

Receiver hitch Shocker Hitch

I did a review for Western Horseman a few years ago about several cushion hitches including Shocker Hitch. Now I can say Shocker Hitch is improved and moving up the list. With a bumper pull hitch and gooseneck cushion, Shocker covers it all. I use it on all my bumper pull trailers now. My single axle dump trailer calms down with a Shocker Hitch. It use to bounce like a basket ball — I could see it my mirrors.

I put an action camera under my truck to watch what the Shocker Hitch would do towing a large bumper pull trailer. It smoothed out the ride in the truck. Instead of a shock absorber, Shocker uses urethane bushings to control how fast the air bag moves and provides a two stage cushion. You want a solid connection to your trailer but with a pivot action air bag separating the truck and trailer.

Shocker takes most of the bounce out of rail road tracks, takes the rock and roll out of a bumper pull trailer as they push and pull on your trucks frame. It’s surprising how much jerk your trailer couple has directly attached to your trucks receiver mount.

The Shocker Hitch bumper pull trailer receiver mount has a 12,000 pound trailer capacity and 1,200 tongue weight. The Gooseneck air hitch has a 24,000 pound trailer capacity with a 6,000 pound tongue weight capacity. For Shocker gooseneck there’s an optional self aligning coupler to funnel. It’s quality built with plate metal, grade 8 bolts and a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Shocker Hitch gooseneck air hitch can protect your Living Quarters horse trailer gooseneck investment with their fine cabinets and mirrors. Can you imagine the impact in the neck of your trailer over each pot hole on our fine Interstate highways. It’s hard to measure just by feel, but you can notice a difference in just stopping and starting your rig.

Semi trucks have air axles, air cabs and air seats, why not have an air gooseneck and receiver hitch.

By smoothing the hammering action between the trailer and hitch, the Shocker ride saves wear and tear on your tow vehicle, trailer, load, and the hitch itself. The impact in your trailer hitch is hard on your cargo and your equipment. Trailers keep getting larger with more weight on your truck. You need a buffer between your truck and trailer.

So when your truck pitches forward in a panic stop, this coupler can help cushion the jolt and rebound from the sudden stop. With a trailer and truck clamped together, the truck feels the trailer movement but having an air bag separating them allows the truck to handle better.

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Kent Sundling (alias “Mr. Truck”) spent 20 years wearing out pickup trucks as only a farmer could. With over 1 million miles pulling trailers, Mr. Truck has a unique collection of truck and farm stories that will educate and entertain. Mr.Truck gave up his bib overalls and John Deeres in his quest to save the farm and moved to the big city to sell trucks. After selling trucks for 10 years, this farmer now writes for eight magazines and owns over two dozen Web sites, helping folks find the “Right Truck.” If you have a question for Mr. Truck, you may contact him at his Web site, ❖

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