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Let’s get the pumpkin pickin’ record straight

Kathy Rickart
Co-Manager for Tigges Farm

First, I love Greeley Tribune’s Mike Peter’s articles about “living, looking at, loving, and laughing at life.” I am not sure how or what he would write about “getting the record straight.” But I think he might start by explaining the old game of “gossip.”

You know, when you tell someone something and then they tell the person sitting next to them and so on until it makes full circle and … ends up completely wrong. In real life, that circle explodes when that someone tells three nosy neighbors who can’t wait to get to the beauty shop or the sale barn to share what they think (pardon me “share what they know“) in voices loud enough to just be barely heard over 16 hair dryers or a herd of cattle wrangled into the sale ring bawling their head off. Of course, that keeps the story correct when you can only hear every other word. Right Mike?

So, today I get a phone call from a teacher that just about didn’t schedule a field trip because everyone was saying “Tigges Farm Pumpkin Patch got hailed out.” But she decided to call anyway and I give that teacher a gold star for questioning the credibility of everyone else. When you want to get the record straight you go to the horse’s mouth, as they say. And what does the horse at Tigges Farm say? “YeeHa! There will be pumpkins at Tigges Farm this fall so you all come out in October. Now would you all start spreading the “good news” as we have enough “bad news” at 6 p.m. every night.”

Thank you Greeley (Colo.) Tribune and The Fence Post. You did your best to tell people Tigges Farm was still here for the community, still would have chilies, still would have pumpkins and even added fun to the September calendar. Come October, everyone can still continue the tradition of getting a pumpkin at the farm. You, the Tribune, did a great job in reporting and leading the horse to water. Let’s just hope the horse is thirsty for a pumpkin. Now folks, if you are still reading this, go to http://www.TiggesFarm.com, check out the calendar of events for all the October weekends and spread the good news (pardon my repetition, but I need to get the correct gossip started and you all can help).

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