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Letter to the senate ag and natural resources committees

My name is Cory Gaines and I am a resident of Sterling, Colo. I am writing you today to advocate on behalf of sane policy in this state with regard to production agriculture.

Before I say anything else, allow me to give you some context on my background because it might help you understand more about my perspective and also, I hope, help you to see how big the problem has gotten.

I know next to nothing about production agriculture. I know next to nothing about ranching, farming, dairies. I didn’t even know until the last couple months what an auto-steer system for a tractor was or why in the world you would need it.

Given all that, I still know enough to know that this state is not doing right by those in production agriculture. If the problem is apparent to me, imagine how it feels to those that actually produce for a living.

As the chair of this very committee said recently in a news article, there is “‘no base knowledge’ of production agriculture among ruling Democrats.” I hope there is at least (as there is for me) a willingness to learn and to listen. I hope for a willingness to do better.

If you share my ignorance, please work to improve your knowledge of agriculture around this state. You have been charged with a great responsibility and you need to take it seriously.

Please work to help farmers and ranchers IN THE HERE AND NOW by encouraging and setting policy that will have a beneficial effect on those in the industry as it stands now and not in some dreamy far off future guided by bold and innovative solutions such as hemp farming.

I hope you work to enhance programs such as those that promote precision agriculture so that future farmers and ranchers can put those skills to work right after graduation getting the best production possible from our soil by limiting the downsides inherent in growing crops. These are the bold ideas we need right now.

I hope you offer actual, beneficial assistance guided by going to where the people you serve live and talking directly to them about what they need. Please do not stay in Denver and make policy based on ignorance.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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