Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 10-8-12 |

Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 10-8-12

Gentle readers, most of you will receive this fine publication on October the 8, which is Columbus Day and some folks will celebrate that occasion. Of course, I am writing this column a week earlier so I speculate as always.

I often wonder what ol’ Columbus was thinking out there in the middle of the ocean when the sea was rougher than a corn cobb on a baby’s butt. I’m sure there was some real concern and some anxious moments during his trip to the Americas. I’m sorta that way right now with the elections coming up in about a month.

Boys and girls we got ourselves some troubles in this grand ol’ country that Columbus discovered for us. Regardless of which feller wins this time around, our troubles are not going away any time soon. The only thing going away are those stupid campaign commercials. I’m all for that and I bet you guys are also.

There are a good many of you out there without suitable jobs and the kind of security you feel you need for the future. What does the future hold for any of us? Well, of course, we just don’t know. Is Isreal going after Iran? Am I going to look much older day after tomorrow than I did when I got up this morning. I was about as pretty as Phyliss Diller in a bikini. Maybe not quite that bad but my teeth are getting longer. What does the future hold for me? Don’t know.

I often wonder what ol’ Columbus was thinking out there in the middle of the ocean when the sea was rougher than a corn cobb on a baby’s butt.

I know some folks would tell ya that we are living in the last days. We’ve heard that numerous times but in my case I am. Yep, at 72 I know for a fact that I’m living in the last days as for as life spans usually last. Oh, most likely you can count on me being around for a good many years to come, and maybe not!

I am concerned for our future, mine and yours. I am concerned that somehow we have surrendered to political correctness more times than not and it has gotten us to a point where we are all a little bit on edge. I am one of those folks that consider myself a patriot and I believe in what America has always stood for … LIBERTY! We must stand tall and speak our minds and not be “wishy washie” like many that pull the strings in this country. I’m all for a better future. I’m all for my grandkids getting a good education, good jobs and doing little things that help others from time to time. I’m all for Americans to be responsible for doing their part in making our country better than before.

I see a lot of folks sitting at inter sections holding signs remarking about how difficult their lives are. Most times they have a dog or a child with them to jerk at your heart strings. They could be on the level but I would bet you that most of them are just too darn lazy to get out and go look for work. We have always had beggers since the beginning of time and we always will, but there seems to be more now than I have ever seen. However, good luck and may the good Lord bless and keep those that are pure of heart.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖

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