Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 11-19-12 |

Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 11-19-12

Gentle readers, this is one of those this and that columns. You know, it’s when I am trying desperately to find something entertaining to write about. Hummmm, this could be a tough one.

You have heard it said, as I have, that we are only as old as we feel. Well, I have to tell you Charlie Brown, the morning after the election I felt about 112-years-old. That’s all I will say about that other than coming out of the T Bar Inn that same morning ole Lou spotted me and just stopped his truck almost in the middle of the road and got out to compare notes with me. Lou looked to be about 167-years-old as he had not slept a wink. Off we go.

I was pleasantly surprised to have Louis and Arn, two old codgers from the western slope stop by to visit and pick up a calendar. It appears their wives had insisted that they take a road trip and get out of their hair for a few days. They had been up to Cody, Wyo., knocking around and came by to see me. It’s always nice when you have folks that really seem to enjoy your columns and how you present yourself. Of course, we all know that they could be lying through their respective teeth.

Speaking of calendars: thank all of you who have responded to the adds in the Fence Post and ordered calendars. I am SOLD OUT. Thanks to you I had a really good calendar year and I wish I had more but there are none available. By the way, I will pat myself a little more on the back as I say “tThank You” for the kind comments when you ordered your calendars. Aw shucks, I’m almost plumb embarrassed.

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No really! This week will be Thanksgiving and I am having a full house of kids and grandkids here at the O-NO to count our blessings and to love on one another and to eat Grandpa’s fixins. Of course the girls will be bringing some of the food which will certainly be welcome.

I know some of you out there will have sad holidays this year due to circumstances beyond your control and I and the rest of my readers want you to know that we will include you in our prayers and be thinking of you also. While working Sunday mornings in the ER at one of our larger hospitals, it brings home to me just how much suffering there can be at any given time. I am enjoying my volunteer work there and the staff is absolutely wonderful to work with.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖

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