Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 8-13-12 |

Mad Jack Hanks: Tales From The O-NO Ranch 8-13-12

General readers, over the years I have figured out how to help myself along when it comes to functioning on a daily basis with the general chores around livestock. Well, as far as that goes with the inside chores of keeping a house and making it a home. My place is small and will only run 10 to 15 yearlings plus two or three horses during the course of a decent summer.

Flies are always bad and fly tags in the ears don’t always do the job so here is a handy hint if you are running only limited livestock like me.

I took one of the Miracle Grow jars that you screw onto a garden hose and put the correct amount of stable spray in it to mix with the water when you turn the water hose on. I put the steers in a small pen in the corral and spray them and it works out great. They get covered good and it also knocks down a lot of the flies around the corral.

When I am out a’horseback and come in contact with a rattlesnake I will kill it if at all possible. In order to do that safely I carry three large chain lengths tied on the back of my saddle with a saddle string. If I have to do combat, I take my piggin’ string (small length of tie down rope) and tie it to the chain length and whup me a rattlesnake. That’s about as safe a way to dispatch one that I know of unless you carry hand grenades and my guess is you are gonna be walkin’ home if that’s your weapon.

Speaking of rattlesnakes, I have mentioned that I had a horse bitten last year and bitten badly. If you find you have a cow, horse or whatever snake bit and they are having trouble breathing from being bitten on the nose, here’s what will help. If you have one of those disposable syringe holders you can cut to bottom end off, remove the cap and of course the syringe and shove a holder up one or both nostrils, bottom end first. They may stay in long enough for you to get some help from your vet. I have heard of using a length of garden hose instead of the syringe holder.

I won’t get into what little things I do around the house to make life easier as I feel I would be preaching to the choir. You gals I bet know every trick that there is when it comes to taking little short cuts and still get the desired results.

As a sidebar I got a call from the advertising company that has done my calendars for the last 20 years and they want to send me a new contract to continue on for? I thought they might have had enough of me after 20 years, but I reckon not.

I will have the 2013 Hoots cowboy calendars available the first of September for $10.00 and that will also include postage. I’ll send ya two of ’um for $15.00 and of course they will be signed.

My best, stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖

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