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A man’s world

Let’s stop and do a little critical thinking guys. Is it really a man’s world? I have ruminated on that here as of late and I’m thinking… NO, IT AIN’T! Here’s why. Just look at the women that are responsible for this publication. No, I’m not suckin’ up, I’m just stating fact! I remember when I was hurt a couple of years back.

It was a woman who directed my rescue and mostly women who came to my rescue. I remember feeling more relaxed with that many women there. Purty much the same way I felt when I had women working for me on the ranch. I knew that they would take the time to get it done and do it the right way.

Gentle readers, just look at the number of ladies in the FFA When I was a member there was not only a single female but the thought never ever crossed our mind that we would be the better for it. I know that Eve, she gave Adam an apple to eat, but she was just trying to see that he was eating correctly by havin’ his fruits and vegetables, right? Okay, okay there is room for some of you to jump on me. Don’t bother, I’m on a roll!

Of course, not all females are cut from the same cloth and are out there taking care of business, like South Dakota’s first lady or Colorado’s “pistol packin’ momma in congress. GO GIRLS! Stop by any vet school and see how many women are there compared to the men. Look at the number of women in front of the local school boards or town councils that are fighting for what’s best for their children and their community.

Then there are those “loonies” that are out there as well. I watched a drunk woman on You Tube fill her mouth with gasoline and lean over and spray it on the bonfire that was about to go out. Her head exploded in a ball of fire as she ran screaming to her boyfriend who was reclining in the grass. He tried to get away but she fell at his feet and he shoved her head in the dirt and put out the fire. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!

I know guys, right now it’s a little before six in the morning and some of you are already a’horseback checking cows and pasture conditions and some of you are in the tractor hard at it. The world needs you! Yes, we do!

Women are depending on you to set the example of what strength, reliability, courage and all that goes with it for our families to lean on.

Yes, there are those women, mostly young who have their heads and critical thinking in the wrong place. It’s okay to kill a baby before birth, but stop and help a momma duck and her babies across the road. GOD ALMIGHTY! There are those women, I won’t even call them ladies that want to take this country to a place where all of us will be fighting with one another FOREVER!

We live in trying times and are in troubled waters in a not so secure boat, in my opinion, and I wanted to let you ladies, my kind of women, know how I felt about you. Bless you!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, love on yer partner a little more this week, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

As a side bar, my 2022 calendars are here and they are the last of what will be. Adios.

Mad Jack Hanks

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