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Age is just a number

Tales from the ONO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

“Age is just a number,” that’s what my surgeon told me last year when he thought I was whining too much about the condition of my busted leg and how I felt about it all at age 79. I said “doc, ya just don’t know until ya get to be my age! (the doc was the middle 50s). He just sort of jacked his jaw, looked at me like I needed to be thankful I was in as good of shape as I was regardless of the “wreck.” I knew he was right, gentle readers, but I was tired, beat up, sore, and pressing my mind in the wrong direction as to how long it would take before I was back to gettin’ around, not only my house but the dance floor. Well, by golly, I did get around the dance floor some last weekend and boy howdy was it fun. I didn’t dance much as the old “virus” has placed so many restrictions on businesses that a lot of folks just stay home. I got tired of stayin’ home!

I believe the doc is right about “age just being a number,” because it’s been a little over a year since I got hurt and I can see the improvement in my ability to stay a little longer at task that I would not have been able to do a few months back. My old corrals needed some repair to say the least and I have most of that done. My yard is a mess but mowed and some weeds pulled. Speaking of weeds pulled, I went to my dentist yesterday as I had another tooth break off at the gum line. Ya know, one of those that they put an expensive crown on and three to four years later, they just snap off. I say that, but age has a lot to do with it for sure. My teeth now are 80 years old, what do I expect? That only left a very few on my bottom jaw so I have decided to have those pulled, a couple of implants inserted and get a new set of “chompers”’ that snap in. Man, I do not like going to the dentist especially for those types of procedures, but remember, “age is just a number.” I’ll probably get it all done and then fall over dead the next day. Sure hope not!!

I’m still looking for that special horse to keep me company and maybe a good dog as well. Like I’ve said horses are in my DNA and that’s just a fact Jack! I cannot believe the prices of horses these days! A good gentle (so they claim) horse that has a decent handle, no buck, no bite, no rear, no colic, no cribbing, no founder, not herd bound and can be ridden only on occasion and not give you lots of trouble is only from $6,500-$15,000. Now the cost of new teeth would more than buy that horse that lands in the middle. You guys know I got “skunked” really bad by some folks in South Dakota to the tune of, well, over fifty-five hundred bucks. Makes you lose faith in folks that claim to be “country” and honest and God fearing. Well, they most likely need to be God fearing. If I was God, I’d be keeping an eye on them for sure.

All in all, life is what one makes of it and I’m makin’ it fine, distractions and all and hope you are as well. I just got a nice, much needed little shower and I hope it stays around all evening as I am desperate for a good general rain.

I don’t really know what to do with 80 as an age. I’m glad I’m here and I’m glad you are here and like I’ve said in the past, I’M HAVIN’ FUN’! Matter of fact, I’m goin’ dancin’ again this Friday and hope this situation we are in will be resolved before long. It is certainly an itch that I just can’t seem to reach!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, say a little prayer for our president and for you and yours and we’ll all feel better for sure! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

Mad Jack Hanks

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