America the beautiful |

America the beautiful

Tales from the ONO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

America is BEAUTIFUL!! “Whatever do you mean Huckleberry?” What I mean is just what I stated. While driving through the pasture yesterday to check on the cows I noticed an antelope doe standing on a high point above the creek. She was by herself so I assume she had a calf hidden somewhere near by. That’s beautiful to me. The “Rockies” a few miles to the west with their snow capped peaks are the very reason we wanted to move to Colorado all those years ago. The Swiss Alps are beautiful at least in every photo that I have seen. Gentle readers, have you ever been to Ouray (U-Ray), Colo.? It would remind one of those Swiss Alps. The San Juan Mountains in that area are BEAUTIFUL. If you have never been to Ouray or Silverton, put it on your bucket list.

Years ago at Ridgway, Colo., I would ride up the mountain or haul my horse up there, depending on what needed to be done, and I went three times a week at least. When you prowl through the aspen forest checking cattle and it’s all quiet except for the soft breeze blowing the leaves into a little dance, you think Heaven must be or should be like this. Then all of a sudden you hear that bull elk squeal! It sends chills down your spine or it should if you are alive and riding through America the Beautiful!

Not all of America is beautiful all the time. The inner cities where folks take no pride in their neighborhoods or their dwellings, are ugly. Very, very ugly. Makes one wonder how can folks want to live in that filthy mess. They do and apparently they don’t really seem to mind, maybe the same way “hillbillies” live in the mountains of West Virginia under conditions very similar. I don’t understand it. The larger cities seem to always have that area where the lower class lives and accepts their lifestyle. Heck, I’ve seen little burgs in West Texas that were pretty crappy and you just figure they just don’t care and have no pride.

What’s going on in America today is not pretty. It’s ugly with all of the protesting, rioting, and destroying property. That didn’t fly recently in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, where almost 1,000 residents showed up to a protest armed to the teeth. Yep, pretty women with AR 15s and burley unshaven men (real men) armed with every kind of weapon you could bring. I saw it myself and loved every minute. One ANTIFA member handed his protest sign over to one of the real men and got the hell out of Dodge. Good stuff! I loved it. We need more of it. A lot more of it!

America has been the hope and dream of so many immigrants over all of its history. America is FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and a chance to excel in any opportunity that comes one’s way. It’s true! That’s America and there are these lazy, “give me more,” let me control you morons that would not allow a man a’horseback to be riding through the forest checking on his livelihood for any reason. Nope, they are that unhinged from what makes this country, AMERICA, what it is today. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THEM TO TAKE OVER! EVER!

Please take time to put out your American flag this Fourth of July. Be proud of who we are and how we got here. I have never put my foot on anyone’s neck and neither have you. I don’t know how they manage to get their foot on their necks! I don’t, but they do and it’s our fault.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion. Love this America and stand up for her if you want to keep her! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖