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Attitude adjustment

Gentle readers, I just got off the phone concerning my next colonoscopy for this upcoming August. I’m mean, you know, really, right after the results of the Georgia election and time for another colonoscopy? Maybe I should think about adjusting my attitude for this year of 2021. Actually, I’m not in a real hopeful frame of mind for what this year may offer up. Last year was such a bummer with the virus and all and here we go into what may very well be the worst of the worst. “THINK POSITIVE”! That’s goin’ to have to be my mind over matter going ahead.

Day before yesterday I decided to finally do away with my land line and just depend on my cell phone for personal and business calls. Did you get that? I did away with my land line, okay? It wasn’t easy. Nope. First of all, I got the guy from the Middle East who rolled all of his “Rs” and man, I gotta’ tell ya, he was hard to understand. He actually knew what I was wanting but he was doing his best to avoid the final end of it all. He wanted to know why I wanted to drop my service and I told him it was too expensive and I had a cell phone and I was tired of all the robo calls. “Mr. Jack, what if I can get you a reduction in your cost each month?” “NOPE,” I want you to not argue with me, just get me disconnected,” I barked. After another 10 minutes of nonsense, he told me that he would have it done the following day and they were sorry to lose me after 20 some odd years. Guess what? The next day I was still hooked up so, I called again and got a woman from the Southern Hemisphere who was very nice and seemed to want to help me get this resolved.

I forgot to mention, before I got her, I got another woman who hung up on me when I requested my service be disconnected. Back to this Latin sweetheart, I explained all that I had been through and she assured me that she would take care of me. She did. She gave me a disconnect order number and today my land line is no mo! So, see, there are some good things that can still happen if we struggle to the very end to see them resolved. As an afterthought, the other feller never filled out a disconnect order. I reckon he thought me being an old guy, I would just forget what I wanted him to do and he would be Scot free of it all. The very nerve of him and all like him!

Honestly, folks, I will need a serious adjustment in my attitude this year, but I am not confident I will be able to find much joy in the coming years as far as politics go. I mean a colonoscopy is most likely a walk in the park compared to what lays ahead for a good many of us. I mean, I just thought there was NO WAY this would all come down like it did. The devil did go down to Georgia as far as I am concerned and grabbed ol’ Charlie’s golden fiddle and took off with it!

I do resolve this year to manage this column in such a way as not to offend the other side, at least , not a whole lot. I will try and find interesting stories and incidents to write about that will be worth reading without falling off the edge. After all, I do have those two old ponies out in the pasture that I can complain to all I want when I want. My coffee pals were as concerned as I was as we gathered to have our morning worship about our political future. For now, I would just say, I will trudge ahead keeping a sharp eye out for anything and everything that I consider might be a threat to me or mine. I am glad to be living during this time as I do believe history is in the making and we’ll see how it all shakes out with an attitude adjustment?

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember my email is is you want to contact me. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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