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Bits and pieces

“Howdy gentle readers.” This is going to be another one of those, sort of scattered columns where I throw different subjects at you. First off when I headed to town for my morning coffee sessions with mi amigos, it was a minus 23 degrees! Burrr, now that’s cold and I hope that is the last of the very cold weather that I see here at the ONO. Speaking of mi amigos, we always trade “barbs” by putting each other down at every opportunity. That’s only because, well, that’s what we do. Somehow or other we think it builds our own ego. HA! I told one of the guys this morning when he started in on me that I had read recently, “unless you have paid me a compliment sometime in the past, I am not obligated to put up with your B.S.”!

Onward and upward, I heard what I thought was an honest description of what used to be considered the modern husband. Seems man and wife go shopping in the big box store and he comes up missing. Finally in desperation she calls him on her phone and asks “WHERE ARE YOU?” He replies, “hon, do you remember a few years back when we stopped at that little jewelry store down on Fourth Street so you could look at a really nice diamond ring? You found the one you wanted but we just couldn’t afford it at the time!” “YES, YES I DO. IS THAT WHERE YOU ARE NOW?” she hopefully asks. “Actually no, I’m at the gun store right next door!” Mercy, and I think you will get this column on Valentine’s Day.

Marriage can be a struggle and we all have been there or will be some time in our future. I understand that more and more young folks are just moving in together without the marriage contract. It takes more courage to obligate one’s self with a verbal commitment or at least that’s the way I feel and I can see both sides of the issue.

I scratch my head trying to understand why folks that are supposed to be educated believe that windmills and solar panels are going to satisfy all of our needs for electricity. IT AIN’T GONNA’ HAPPEN! I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I will guarantee you that without coal and natural gas and maybe some nuclear tossed in the mix, I cannot see how they can believe (if they really do), that our energy needs will be met. Every time I head over to the interstate a couple miles away, I witness solar panels as far as the eye can see at the power plant.

If you look a little above that with your eyes squinted, you can see windmills on the horizon lined up like little ducks in a row. I think it is all UGLY! Where are the animal rights folks that are always screaming about the slightest incident regarding the welfare of animals? Oh hey, what if we put all the wolves here in Colorado in the same area as the wild horses? Wouldn’t that be cool? However, I don’t know if wolves are brave enough to take on the mustangs that might kick their heads off. Wouldn’t a moose be about the equivalent of a wild horse? Just asking for a friend.

For Valentine’s Day, hug yer honey, give her some money, take her out to dinner and tell her how much you love her and NEED her and don’t mention any thing about gun stores!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, “Cowboy up, ride the rough string and hang and rattle” if that’s necessary to accomplish your goals this week! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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