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Cowboy humor

I think it’s common knowledge among cowboys and folks that make their living working on cattle ranches that things happen. Sometimes bad things happen and yet when they do, if the victim is not seriously injured, folks may “laff” at his or her mishap. If there is no one there to witness the incident, the “victim” may not find any humor in it at all.

It does, I have always found, it relieves most of the anguish if the incident can be “laffed” off. I remember one such time I found no humor in a situation I found myself in. I was riding a “green broke” hoss along with my cowboy crew. We approached an old rusty water tub full of tumbleweeds and the pony cranked his neck around as we were passing it and snorted as he wasn’t sure it wasn’t a “bugger” of some kind. Just about then, one of my newly hired cowboys thought it would be funny if he tossed his hat out in front of my hoss to see if he would go to bucking with me. The ol’ pony jumped sideways, snorted again but did not break into with me. That was a good thing as it was a chilly morning and that ground looked really hard. The new man “laffed” as if he had proven himself to be one of the boys and thought that his little trick would be accepted. Not by me! No sir. I told the young man if I had gotten bucked off and hurt in any way, he would be walkin’ down the road kickin’ stones the very next day. That type of humor, although could be funny, just wasn’t acceptable on our outfit. If one man gets hurt because of another’s foolishness, then somebody has to fill in and take on more responsibility until the “victim” heals up and is back to work. Corporate ranches don’t like to involve OSHA at any time and I have had to fill out paperwork explaining how a person got injured and what I could have done to prevent it. A waste of time, thought I.

I do know that laughter is a purty good medicine when it can be applied. I have a great sense of humor and if the situation can be “laffed” off, that’s the best way to go.

I do have a little story to tell you that happened just a few days ago. I thought it to be ridiculously funny and here it is. I bought one of those frozen pizzas from the market and heated it up for dinner. It was terrible. I ate a small portion and tossed the remainder out in the back yard for the birds to feast on. I Thought no more about it. My fence builder came by to give me an estimate on replacing the old fence along the road in front of the ONO. He will also install a new entry way that is more attractive. We’re standing in the front yard and I see what I think is a bald eagle (I have one that hangs around) flying towards us but he isn’t very large. “Is that a bald eagle,” I ask Cole. “No, it’s a crow with A PIZZA ON HIS HEAD!” A crow had landed in the back yard, grabbed the pizza, flipped it backwards and the bottom side of the pizza was laying across his head. That was one of the dangest things I have ever seen in my 81 years. A crow flying around with a pizza on his head as if it were a hat of some kind. It wasn’t cowboy humor, but it was so funny just the same. I do so hope we can find some humor to keep us propped up in this new year.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, be patient, be kind but be determined to overcome our present difficulties and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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