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Cry wolf

Here we go gentle readers. The very first column for 2022! Holy Smokes Batman, let’s get in the Batmobile and whup up on the bad guys.

Yep, the first confirmed wolf kill here in Colorado was in Jackson County. A rancher had a replacement heifer killed and eaten by a pack of wolves. That was confirmed by the Division of Wildlife. We knew it would happen, just didn’t know when or where. City folks don’t care, at least most of them don’t. I’m sure most are elated that we have a new litter of wolf pups.

Yep, got six in the litter. Sure don’t know how many that little bunch will create in the number of wolves here in Colorado, but rest assured, we are on our way. I know, I know, the government reimburses the livestock owner for his loss. They cannot reimburse him for his higher blood pressure or anxiety or lack of sleep just wondering if they will be back to kill again. They will.

Great way to start a new year, don’t ya think?

We have heard so many “cry wolf” statements about how dangerous, how debilitating, how devastating the COVID 19 virus is and how it will affect us all in the near and even late term.

Ho hummmm… yes, we are a little tired of hearing all of that for the last two years. At least I am and I bet most of you are as well. I know Charlie Brown and Randolf Scott are! Big pharma and the “higher ups” that are getting filthy rich off of this “cry wolf” are beginning to realize we may not put up with this scare tactic anymore. If you have lost someone to this disease, I’m sorry if I have quit preaching and gone to meddling. I mean it,!I am sorry for your loss. There again, we now have the“Omicrap” new virus that is spreading like wildfire. RUN, RUN, FIND A PLACE TO HIDE! It COULD be more dangerous than the COVID virus. It COULD be!!!

Well, after all, there was one death from it down in Texas recently. We don’t know how many illegal aliens have crossed unvaccinated and carrying whatever and have squatted in Texas.

Hummm, wonder how many folks died of cancer, the flu, car accidents etc. there in Texas recently? Makes no sense, does it? It doesn’t but we have to “CRY WOLF, CRY WOLF”, cause it has worked in the past and maybe, just maybe those morons will fall for it again. You know, us deplorables and in Colorado, as our governor called us, “SELFISH BASTARDS”. Sweet, don’t you think?

I tell ya what I think… I think we had better just get our minds adjusted to these “cry wolf” declarations. They will not stop until we decide too, just for the most part, ignore them. We don’t want to ignore them to the point that we place ourselves or our loved ones in harms way. Trust me, that is if you want to, this will all come out “in the wash” as my grandma used to say. Let me again thank all of you faithful readers for your support this year. Those who sent Christmas cards with notes and letters, I read them all and appreciate your kind words.

Stay tuned, remember, “life gets purty precious when there is less of it to waste”! (Bonnie Raitt), have a great year and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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