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Cry wolf

Well, gentle readers, here we go again. “THE WOLF IS COMING, THE WOLF IS COMING!”

Yep, I think we all knew that our new-found freedom of being maskless (if we choose) was going to be short-lived. I mean, after all, in the beginning they did put a scare into all of us and some of that was warranted. Folks died. The virus was deadly to many and we didn’t know exactly which way to turn or to run or stand still. However, after we discovered that the folks in charge kept changing their minds about what was the best way for us to handle this situation and it began to run it’s course, we sort of relaxed and decided maybe the worst was over. It was. Here in Colorado we had the All-Star baseball game coming to town so we had to move some of the homeless and declare our masks were no longer necessary. The WOLF had been shot and killed and was no longer a threat. Aw, we knew better. We haven’t been told as of yet that “it’s mask on” again, but it’s coming, I guarantee you, it’s coming.

President Biden is to announce today his new “mask up” declaration as if we (most of us) are going to let it go in on ear and out the other. Why? I’ll tell ya why. This new virus appears to be no worse than a mild cold for most folks in most situations. It’s nothing like the Covid 19. But it gives the powers to be one more chance to take back control that they were losing fast! For me, I don’t think it’s gonna’ work like they have planned. Folks are sick and tired of all this crap we have been put through and we ain’t gonna’ take it any more.

On any news station except the conservative ones, the anchors are doing their very best to keep a straight face and try and explain to us how much danger we are in. The facts just aren’t there as best as I can tell. So much for all of that. If you feel the need to get the shots, get’um.

I have. I have been vaccinated and am not sure that I did the right thing. You decide what’s best for you and yours.

Man, how about all of these rodeos and celebrations going on? Cheyenne Frontier Days will end this weekend but what a hoot. Sell out crowds almost every day. Folks like the fresh air and we all know “the world needs more cowboys, (cowgirls)” and rodeo is the place to connect.

One little tragedy this past week. The microwave “Little” Miss Martha and I purchase 42 years ago, finally gave up the ghost. What a piece of crap, (tongue in cheek) he says, ha, ha.

Get outside at every opportunity, play hard, enjoy a rodeo and “cowboy up”.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, stay as cool as possible in more ways than one, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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