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Did you notice

Gentle readers, have you taken notice of how some folks feel the need to look like absolute morons in order to get your attention? I have. I noticed a long time ago and I think it started with Liberace, you know the, “in yer face” ivory thumper in the tux. Oh yeah, there was Gorgeous George, the pro wrestler who tossed roses and wore a golden cape as he entered the ring. My mother thought he was “so very special.” Heck, we had never seen anyone like these two hombres back in the 50s. Television was brand new to our family. I was 14 when we got that first magic box. WOW! In today’s world I was struck recently by that feller on RFD television that gives the commodities report. You know. The guy that wears the Elton John glasses, a jacket that makes him appear as if he could hide in a herd of Holstein cows and he is a little on the “plus side” to add to it all. Why do folks want to put themselves out in public like that, I ask? Well, and plus all that he is VERY good at what he does! Then there was Little Jimmy Dickens, Porter Waggoner, Elvis, Tiny Tim, Michael Jackson and a host of hundreds of others that you can bring to mind. I think it’s called, merchandizing! If folks are talking about how ridiculous you look and what you are all about… hey it works… right?

I love Rand Paul, however there is this something about his hair that seems to jump out and grab you. Same deal with Boris Johnson, you know that knot head over in the UK who looks as if he combed all of that white hair with a weed eater. Good grief, Charlie Brown, you would never, ever see Randolf Scott’s hair looking like that if he was in Rock Springs, Wyo., on the windiest of days.

The “Duke” didn’t have to dress up like Roy Rogers to be who he was on the silver screen. The Lone Ranger had to be “The Lone Ranger” and Tonto had to be Tonto without pushing the envelope.

We see young folks these days with orange, purple, green and red streaks in their hair. Sometimes, it’s their parents not the kids, usually it’s the kids. Their pants are ripped to shreds, there are little pieces of iron stuck in their tongues, ears, lips, eyebrows and belly buttons. That’s on city kids. You don’t see that on those youngsters in the blue and gold jackets of the FFA. No ma’am, we have kids that have a purpose and a goal in life and the “metal” to put their purpose in life into motion. Ranch kids and kids in agriculture usually are not “tatted” up like their city counterparts. By the way, girls, women, most of those “tats” you have on your ankles, shoulders, arms, thighs, and “where ever” are hard to figure out in most cases. Too me they just look like big blobs of black or blue ink. Rethink it before you get the next one. Just sayin… ! I reckon that’s all. We all like to be noticed for whatever reason and we all need a little attention now and then. There are ways to get all the attention you want, just run naked through the mall or the co-op shouting Biden and Kamala are handing out masks on the corner!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, keep a keen sense of humor and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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