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Do gooders

Gentle readers, last evening I watched as Tucker Carlson (Fox News) interviewed a woman who by her account was an expert on wild horses. NADA! No, she was a bleeding heart liberal who wanted to show the world how necessary it is for us to accommodate wild horses on public land. Tucker fell into the trap and went right along with her. As for me, I believe there is room for wild horses on public land, but in small numbers. As this pleading lady put it, “Tucker, these wild horses have families! There are dads and moms (I paraphrase) and the children and some of these unions have been intact for years and years. They are families and there are better ways to control them rather than gather them (over 70,000) and put them in corrals for adoption or penned and fed for the rest of their natural lives!”

Here is what I find fascinating and troubling about that concept. I’m thinking, what about America’s families? You know the ones with moms and dads and little ones. The American family is being bombarded with social media posts that began to turn many children against what should be a normal childhood in the family structure. Is there a normal family anymore? For Pete’s sake, Charlie Brown, we are being spoon fed a whole new way of thinking, not only about ourselves, our values, who we really are and how “dare us for being this way or that way.” After all our good ol’ America is now and has always been such an evil country. B.S.!! I can say all of that and picture in my mind those young, so very young men who waded off those landing crafts at Normandy into certain horror and death so these idiots could have the right to proselytize all this CRAP they are trying to get us to choke down. Problem is, there are too many young folks and some older ones buying into this.

Same thing with the wolves here in Colorado. “Oh my, did you hear that? Was that a wolf or a coyote? I’m sure it must have been a wolf, they live here now you know. Why, I bet it’s a family somewhere connecting with one another!” Yep, that family has just killed 47 sheep and eaten only two and the rancher is going to have to bear the burden of the loss after the government decides if, in fact, wolves actually did this and that they didn’t get hit by lightning or something like that. Folks, we are going to have to live with the “do gooders,” but in the whole of it all, it’s going to be up to us to try and make them understand our point of view and why our views are more important than their emotional attachment to these issues. I truly believe that all of this will pass at some point and time. I may have passed by then, who knows?

Also, there is coming legislation where the public will decide if farm animals get to live five years before they can be harvested. I think I know how that vote will turn out here in Colorado. I’m glad Tucker Carlson doesn’t get to have a vote.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember, “a great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within“ (Will Durant) and I will C. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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