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Earth Day and everyday

Gentle readers, today is April 22 and that means it is Earth Day. Do you remember years ago when someone decided that we needed to give a little more respect to Mother Earth by committing to taking better care of her? You know, don’t be dumpin’ trash everywhere we went to recreate and to clean up our factory emissions and our waterways.

I think most everyone was in favor of that, well, almost everyone. I still see those old sofas, recliners and mattresses alongside the road way as I make my way down some of our county roads. Downright disgusting, I tell ya. It infuriates me to know that there are those that would rather make a midnight run in the old truck and dump their trash alongside the road under the cover of darkness rather than just take it to the landfill. Picture this: lush green grass with some super fine ponies or good looking cows and calves munchin’ away without a care in the world. Wait a second here! We are looking over a pile of somebody’s trash in the ditch and there’s a calf chewin’ on a black plastic bag as if it were good. It happens. I sure wish we all could take time to keep our surroundings cleaner and not have as much junk scattered about.

I remember years ago and not too long after we had moved out here. I was returning from town about 10 in the morning only to find where someone had JUST driven down our county road and unloaded what appeared to be a trailer load of not only household trash but old furniture as well. They strung it out for about 40 yards and I mean right down the middle of the road. I was dumbfounded at what I was seeing. If I had only not been so long in town, I might have stopped this or I might I gotten shot. Who knows? Those kind of folks have always been here and will always be here and will continue to dump their trash as they see fit and never look back. Takes all kinds, right?

I have a window right in front of my computer where I can gaze at the Rockies if I feel the need. I was preparing to write this column when I decided to grab another cup of coffee. When I returned to my computer I noticed a very large Red Tailed hawk sitting on my front deck maybe 6 feet from the window. He for sure, had seen all the rabbits I have running around and decided to just wait for one to pass by. He was all puffed up as the temperature was in the 20s with snow on the ground.

I’m sure that is why he looked so huge. I had never seen one up so close but he was impressive. He stayed around for about 20 minutes or so before he left. Earth day, how handy was that to have that big ol’ bird so close?

There is so much to write about and I struggle to keep from getting into the politics of it all. “Aw, just leave those kids alone and let them have KNIFE FIGHTS. They have been doing that for years!” No, they haven’t, not in my community! Oh well, Earth Day or not, the earth does what it can and we are supposed to have enough sense to behave while we are here and that’s all I have to say about that!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, waste not, want not, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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