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Every dog has his day

I know you have heard that old sayin’, as I have, “every dog has his day”. I take that to mean that we all will face

that time when time has run out for us, or in this case, our dog. I betcha’ that you have now, or have had that special

dog or dogs that have captured your heart and they are family. My brother and his wife have three like that and the

only problem I can see with relationships such as that is, those dogs will have had their day and you have to let them

go. I have had dogs that I really liked, gentle readers, but I didn’t realize that dogs are people too. I did with the last dog

I owned, ole Clancy, “the wonder dog”. He has been gone now for a number of years and I miss him greatly. What a

wonderful friend and companion he was. He seemed to know exactly what I was thinking and many times would be a

step ahead of me before I realized he knew the program already. I don’t have a dog at present and am not sure I want

to have one although I could use the companionship during those quite, dreary days we can have from time to time.

I’m an old dog and I will have my day and that doesn’t seem to be an issue at present. In fact, I need to go see the doc

that repaired my leg some two years ago when that ol’ pony bucked me off. I have a metal plate in my leg the size of a

“waffle iron”, kidding of course, and it causes me a great deal of discomfort. I think I would enjoy life so much more if I

had it removed. I don’t want to spend my remaining years day after day wondering why I didn’t just go ahead and get

it done and move on. I’ll consult with the doc and discuss recovery time etc.

Has our beautiful America had it’s day? Absolutely not! America is not a dog, never has been, just using an analogy to

make my point. We, you and I, are much stronger than we are being given credit for. We have allowed a group of folks to

move in and start rearranging our speech, our values, and they are doing their best to make us choke down “global warming”,

this pandemic, and they believe that they can buy us off. Too many at present are taking the money and sayin’, “what the

heck,” I’ll wait until the money starts to run out and I’ll go back to work. To me, work is what life is all about. Work is the

glue along with our faith, family and of course our dogs or that special companion that gives us cause to look to the

future. Those ol’ dogs that are in charge of America will also have their day! We will survive what they are putting us through

and we will be the better for it. They are making us tougher, stronger and more resilient as warriors when I believe they

think they will shape us into who and what they are. Why? Well, I’m sure they believe that they are saving us from ourselves

because we just don’t know better. We know better. It’s easy to get upset and make you want to lash out and put these ol’

dogs back in the kennel, or the junk yard or wherever they are best suited. By the way, they can take a good portion of the

“media” along with them. Remember, we live in “the real world,” and they have no clue where that is.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, “Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity,” (Booker T. Washington),

and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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