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Tales from the ONO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Gentle readers, I just can’t imagine a worse fate than to be burned alive. All those folks that jumped from the Twin Towers on 911 obviously agreed with me. I’m sure you have gotten too close to a fire before and it didn’t take you long to move quickly away. A few years back we had a grass fire on a windy, windy Sunday that I was almost sure it would devour not only my place, everything on it, and maybe me if I made the wrong decision. As I mentioned before when I wrote about this incident, I panicked! Yes, I did and was ashamed of myself for not being able to collect my thoughts and quickly make a plan. The wind shifted somewhat and it all worked out. I lost nothing. I did have ash collected under the eve of my house and in my garage. I was scared at the onset and scared really bad.

With all of our forest on fire I’ve wondered about all of the wildlife. I did write about the lion that visited our little section of earth last week. Were the fires the reason that lion was here? It’s hard to say since we have had them on several occasions in the past. However, neighbor Bobbie shared a video of a bull moose running through a pasture with some cows and it seemed to be very upset with where it was and why. It appeared to be somewhere just west of here before you reach the foothills. The fires no doubt brought that moose to that location even though there have been moose sighted just a few miles west of my place and even crossing the interstate a mile or so to the east. We can assume that there have been hundreds and hundreds of critters lost to these terrible fires. It’s bad enough to lose our forest and our critters, but the folks that have lost their homes and almost all that they own is heartbreaking. These poor firefighters that have been on the fire line for days on end without proper rest and accommodations deserve all the praise that we can heap on them.

I just don’t remember fires like this 20 years ago, I don’t! There have to be lessons learned from these fires and all they consume. Me thinks you just might have to make an attempt to clear out some of the dead fall, beetle kill, and for Pete’s sake, open the forest for livestock grazing to keep the brush under control. I think California maybe, just may be thinking about a plan like that. Naw, no way!

I’m going to trust you to follow me here and pay attention. I got an email from a friend who said she had stopped at the quick stop to buy gas and when she went in to pay for it, she noticed a woman lighting a cigarette while filling her car. She also noticed two cops standing outside watching her. After paying for her gas she heard a blood curdling scream and looked outside to see this woman running around waving her arm which was on fire. To her amazement the cops threw her down, put out the fire and cuffed her! She said she ran over to comfort her and ask why they cuffed her and what was she being charged with? Are ya ready for this? The calmly replied, “for waving a firearm around in public!” Gotcha!

Gentle readers, today (Oct. 3) I received an unexpected visit from UPS and I now have calendars to fill your orders. I had no idea! Please return your request with your checks and I will fill them post haste!

Wonders never cease! Thanks.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember life is worth living, so live it!, I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖