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For the most part

I would say gentle readers, for the most part all is well in my little world. How about you? I know some of you are in troubled waters. Someone always is. I have spent a good bit of time there myself. However, today the pasture is in better shape than I have seen in a long time and I wish this stupid computer would stop trying to finish my sentences for me. So irritating! Oh well, onward we go. Summer is here, Coal Creek has a good bit of water in it and I just finished with having some remodeling done here in my old digs. Looks nice and I am so glad I finally got around to getting it done. I still have a few little things to do but of no major consequence. I tell ya what I really need to do is get out there, rake up pine cones, weed whack around the flower beds, sidewalks and so on. This yard is really getting away from me and I always find some reason to postpone the necessary.

For the most part I see more and more folks moving into our area and up in the Cheyenne, Wyo., country just a little north of me. I have had several neighbors sell their places for enormous prices and get out of Dodge.

The county is going to put in a trash dump to the west and south of me a couple of miles and some folks that live on that road managed to sell and get out.

For the most part some folks are still faithfully wearing their mask all the time. Of course, I don’t know their particular situation and it may be that’s what they need to be doing or it may be they have drank too much of the Fauci Kool-Aid. Jim Jones managed to kill over 900 poor souls years ago with his Kool-Aid… just sayin’…! Actually, as a casual observer of the human condition, I am astounded and amazed at what some folks will ingest into their little brains and think of nothing much else. MAN! Charlie Brown, where is Randolf Scott when ya need him to come riding to the rescue?

For the most part there seems to be a greater and greater number of folks that just refuse to get vaccinated. Our governor is giving away all kinds of monetary gifts and incentives to run fast and get that vaccination and it ain’t working.

For the most part it’s not always easy to get me riled just watching the local news but it happened yesterday.

It happened like this: Anchor man to attractive anchor woman, “I see here where the Fish and Wildlife spotted THREE NEW BABY WOLVES that had just been recently born and that’s been confirmed.” “Oh, how exciting, now we have a NEW FAMILY to be on the watch for!” she offered, almost about to pee her pants. At least, and for the present, they haven’t started a contest to name mom and dad and the three little ones. I bet that will be coming before long. I know the Three Little Pigs and hundreds of sheep and calves, cows and deer and elk will need to be on the look out. Wolves and wild horses just seem to want to make these city dwellers and a few that dwell in the country go bonkers at the prospect of just knowing Colorado has them. YEAH!! NADA, take a walk in the rancher’s boots and count your losses and tell me how happy you are now. That’s all!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, unclench your teeth now and again, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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