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Good news – bad news

Well now gentle readers, let me start with the bad news. I got food poisoning last evening and I done it to myself. Yep, I won’t tell ya what I ate, but it didn’t take all that long for me to start feeling ill. It was a big deal and a bad deal. Most of you have been there and you know how uncomfortable you can be sitting on the throne all the while holding a waste backet in yer hands as you clean out COMPLETELY!. Ahh, when it is all said and done! What a relief that was. I slept for five hours without having to get up to go pee. That’s some good news there. The other good news is that another advertising company contacted me about picking up my contract with the “Hoots” calendar and they want to produce them for another three years. We discussed it over the phone and I liked their offer other than I “tweeked” it in a couple of places to my advantage. They didn’t flinch and said they would have their legal staff draw up a contract to my specs and mail it out to me for my final approval. So there ya go. Looks like we, you and I, may be in the calendar business for another three years. However, I like to quote from the fifth chapter of Mad Jack, and that is, “always expect the unexpected!”

In other words, usually the end result is not quite what we expected it to be. And by the way, calendar sales are through the roof and as of now I have a good supply.

If you want to take advantage of my last offer of an original pen and ink cartoon (of my choosing) with the purchase of three calendars. An original for every three you purchase!

More good news. After the story of Hamblen Hats in Ault, Colo., I made a trip over and took advantage of a sale Travis had going on and bought a new felt for the coming winter. Talk about a good deal! This was an awesome deal. Travis informed me that he has known me for years. As a lad he would come down to my booth at Cheyenne Frontier Days and read cartoons while his dad had a booth of his own selling gun safes. That made my deal even better. He has a off and running business there. Please stop by if you need new head gear. You will be glad you did. The last good news is I received over 6, I said 6 inches of rain out of the last storm.

My pastures should be good until fall. Lastly, I will keep you informed about my latest offer and if it’s a go or a no go. Thanks to all of you who have purchased my calendars each and every year and, of course, all of the compliments that came with you orders!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, ride for the brand and sit tall in the saddle. It’s more important these days than you might think. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. By the way, my email is THAT’S ALL !

Mad Jack Hanks

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