Growing up is hard to do |

Growing up is hard to do

I remember as a lad of 10 or 11 years of age standing in the doorway of the little bathroom in our little company house as I watched my dad lather his face and then begin to shave.

“I’ll be glad when I can shave,” I offered.

“No you won’t. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up, ’cause you’ll git tired of shavin!”

“No I won’t,” I shot back.

Of course, at 10 years of age I already knew everything … right?

At age 14, I put petroleum jelly on the sides of my face, cut some hair off my neck and stuck it down my jaw as if I had grown sideburns. I proudly walked up to my older brother and boasted, “look at the sideburns I grew last night!”

He looked and quickly realized what I had done and just replied, “dummy!”

Well gentle readers, of course I did grow up. I grew up hard and fast and made more mistakes than any young man should make in the process. Part of it was growing up in that strict religious household where you sometimes felt like you might venture into an adventure but you’d better not. I did a time or two and, of course, got caught. The road to rebellion is the first path many youngsters take when raised in such an environment. We just have to see for ourselves if Mom and Dad were tellin’ the truth about life and matters and such!

Well, here I sit at 79 and looking into the year of 2020. Did I learn many lessons along the way? Did I ever!

And yes, I am still learning as you are. Every day we may look in a different direction if only briefly. That’s the way I reckon life is supposed to be if we want to squeeze all we can out of it. I still have that little mischievous man child inside of me. I love life. I love to enjoy life and have all the fun it affords an old guy like me. I love telling stories to folks that have never been where I’ve been or done what I have done. It’s fun to watch them try and put themselves where and when I was in that situation. Like the ole baseball pitcher, “Dizzy Dean” is quoted as sayin, “If ya done it, it ain’t bragging!”

I have a 20-year-old petite, beautiful granddaughter that works on a processing crew in the feed yard.


Why would you want to do that most folks ask her.

I know why. She loves being around livestock and being outside and loves physical work! She would come to my aid in a heartbeat and do whatever it took to solve the problem. I guarantee you she will be better adjusted than the young folks sitting at the computer at home or staring into their iPhones the better part of the day. She’s also turned into a very graceful and fun to dance with partner!

Off I go into the weeds again. This new year is going to be a most challenging year for most of us. The inmates will be trying to run the prison again as they have been doing for the past years. There is the “Red Flag” gun law that goes into effect and our personal liberties on many levels, I believe, could be invaded. Can’t we all just get along? HELL NO!

No, we can’t when you have so many idiots doing so many unconventional things. I WILL NOT GO ALONG AND GET ALONG WITH IDIOTS! Should they decide to compromise and come to the table with honest intentions to work out REAL Solutions … yep, I can do that!

Dear friends and gentle readers, I do wish you a happy, prosperous and safe new year. Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasions and remember this publication may or may not agree with my little tantrums! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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