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Yep, I realize that most of what I say is preachin’ to the choir. With the unfortunate incident recently at the King Soopers store in Boulder, it brings to the surface, “what to do about guns?” The answer is, “not a darn thing.”

Does that sound benign? It really shouldn’t if you are a gun person like most of you, I would bet are. Some of you may be fearful of guns and not want them around. You might change your mind if you are miles from town and someone is trying to break into your house at two in the morning. Guns give me a certain comfort level especially as I age and realize that I am slower, weaker and not as fearless as I used to be in most situations.

You have heard on the news that “we have to get rid of these weapons of war.” The 223 caliber round used in the recent tragic slaughter of good and decent folks was used in the Vietnam war, but as a general rule, is considered a round used in practice shooting or protecting one’s self or family. It is not considered a large enough round to even hunt antelope or any other large game in Colorado. It is not an AUTOMATIC weapon (AK47) as you will hear on the news as the folks there are projecting it to be most of the time. You pull the trigger one time and one bullet is fired. Pull the trigger again and it fires another bullet. More folks are killed in this country by knives than by the 223 or 7.6 (equal round).

How many folks are killed in car pileups on icy roads or in tornados or floods or fires every day in America? It’s more tragic it seems when some idiot takes a AK47 or a Bushmaster 223 and starts shooting unsuspecting folks at random.

The times are a’changing and have been for the last 30 years or so. Many of you will remember taking your trusty single shot 22 to school with you in your car and leaving it unlocked without a worry of it being stolen or used to kill someone at school. The good ol’ days, and they were the “good ol’ days.” Today we live in constant fear of cancer, lunatic killers, global warming, (ha ha), rapist and child molesters, teacher’s union, and politicians. Then all at once there is that pastor, teacher, scout leader or coach that takes advantage of children. Makes you want to “get a gun” and have a little frontier justice.

I suppose we just take one day at a time and see what comes up and deal with it as best we can. Life is a stage on which we are all actors. There will be tragic things that happen and things that bring us great joy. I have seen my share of both as well as many of you. What do we do? We get up, prepare to meet the new day with as much courage and thoughtfulness as we can. I know most of us don’t do that but I think we should.

If you are not familiar with guns, I would suggest that you find your way to that gun shop, shooting range or whatever and make your peace with your weapon of choice. I firmly believe that it may come to us having to defend our freedoms and liberty with a steady hand and the courage to do whatever the situation calls for without giving it a second thought. They are going to try their level best to control our gun use, if not try and make it almost impossible to own one of any kind.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, be kind, be cautious, and be cunning if necessary, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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