Hatfields and McCoys

I was wondering today, gentle readers, if the Hatfields and McCoys carried their conflict into the springtime or if maybe they just sort of laid back and enjoyed spring arriving in the mountains? Actually, that’s a lie, I never thought about that at all, other than just a passing glance off of my simple mind. Their problems as I recall all started with a pig some way or another. I don’t recall. What I was thinking about was all the squabbling goin’ on in our world today with politics and the virus and all. See, they didn’t have all that crap to deal with. They just worried who might be behind the next tree and would they live out the day or not. Well, I reckon that’s a plate load all by it’s self. I do believe that they should have been able to bury the hatchet and not in someone’s head, and live out their lives without killing one another.

Spring is just dropping in on us this week and all of the last big blow is gone with the exception of a small drift here and there. The cherry blossoms, I suppose are out in their full dress in the nation’s capital. Doesn’t seem fitting with cherry blossoms, flowers, and song birds everywhere, one would need to have hundreds and hundreds of our troops behind a large fence as they protect the elite. How silly is that? I’ll tell ya how silly it is…. it’s akin to me having a M80 tank at my front gate. After all our border is wide open and folks from all tribes, colors and nations are doin’ their best to get here, get in and start collecting all the free stuff. I think I know for a fact that the Hatfields or McCoys weren’t stupid enough to allow such trickery like that if they were in charge of this country.

For Pete’s sake when are we going to put our foot down and put a stop to this unbelievable freight train running amuck and destroying everything in it’s path?

I will tell you that today was really nice a couple days before Easter. It’s always windy and cold every Easter as far back as I can remember.

Easter Sunday may be close to 80 degrees SWEET! I upgraded to a larger more powerful tractor today. Those 11 foot drifts, as my son, Andy says, “will make you do things like that!’ I am looking forward to a nice spring. I’m hoping all the unrest in our society will take a time out and all can realize there are no winners here. My side of the isle will not forget what is being shoved down our throats anytime soon.

I want everyone to have some of what they want and need to make their lives easier but not at the expense of creating more problems than can be solved in a reasonable way or in a decent time frame. I was so glad to see 2020 out the door and I may be even happier to see this year end, but one never knows. Remember, life is an adventure. A new day is a new day. Dear friends and gentle readers I hope to find more fun things to write about in the future. It seems when I think I can do that, some other STUPID mandate appears and off we go again, mad and frustrated! I hope you had a blessed Easter as there were many that didn’t in all the tragic happenings going on.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, tell your friends and kin that you have one coupon “for a free hug” left, and they are going to get it. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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