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I couldn’t tell ya

Here on July 7, I am experiencing a really nice shower. Yep, got the big thunder and all. I couldn’t tell ya if it’s gonna’ amount to much or not. Usually, it falls in the NOT column. Hey, we just never know. Actually, it has slowed down to a trickle. Wouldn’t ya know it.

I noticed the prairie dogs from the 300 and so acres across the road have filled it up and are moving across the road to the ONO. Now, gentle readers, I cannot abide by that. No ma’am! I couldn’t tell ya how or when I will go to war, but it will be very soon. Doggone it, I need that lady that wanted to start the prairie dog refuse to come gather up mine. They are free … free for the taking! I would bet that nobody and I mean nobody want’s these for any reason. Nasty, nasty, nasty little vermin that will totally destroy your land!

I see the donkeys are starting to not only fear but really get tired of the head jackass. It seems he is just not able to pull the cart any longer. I couldn’t tell ya when all of this might take place, I’m just hopin’ it all works out.

I went to our Independence Day parade a couple days back and really enjoyed it. It was a little smaller which was good I thought. At least we didn’t have 437 fire trucks this time. I noticed this young man in front of me in the street, with three young ladies. Now he was an entertaining dude. Yes he was. He apparently came from the white privilege end of the spectrum. His summer attire was very, very cool and he was doin’ his best to entertain not only these young girls, but the crowd as well. Here comes the Marines with Old Glory. Everyone is at attention with hats off and most with hands over hearts. Well, not everyone. Mr. Cool is still blabbing with his back to the flag and dancin’ around when ol’ Mad Jack got a gut full of this spoiled entitled brat. I hollored out, “HEY, HOT DOG, TAKE YER DAMN HAT OFF!” He didn’t hear me and if he did, he just ignored me. A lady down to the right of me, yelled at me. “I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE, BUT I LOVE YOU!” Wow. I couldn’t tell ya exactly why I spouted off, or why she chose to agree with me, but, by golly, we got’er done! Not really, cause the kid is still wearin’ his hat and actin’ the fool.

I want to make a comment once more about the cow guy that gives the market report on the RFD channel. I couldn’t tell ya why he chooses to dress like he does, he just does. If you haven’t seen him, he is a little portly, wears a Holstein cow lookin’ coat with a big, bright, multi-colored bow tie and dyes his hair, (what there is off it) jet black and tops it all off with glasses the size of hub caps off a ‘57 Buick Roadmaster. Now, don’t get me wrong. This feller is smart and he is not only smart, he is good at what he does. Me thinks Mr. Cow Guy, as he calls himself, just needs either a marketing tool, or a little more attention. Mabybe both.

Oh, did you hear about the folks that called their neighbors up on the fifth of July to complain about their barking dogs and loud, playful children? Yep, it went like this: “Hey, could ya shut those mutts of yours up and make your kids go inside to play? We haven’t been able to sleep as we have been up all night setting off fireworks!” Go figure. I couldn’t tell ya why some folks do the things that they do.

Just remember that they are out there and they might just live next to you. Well, that should do it for this week. Be sure and check out my ads for my calendars appearing very soon.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember we do live in a wonderful America, I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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