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Independence Day

Tales from the Ono Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks

Yep, I know, Independence Day has passed as you read this. At this writing it is a few days away. Gentle readers, I got to wondering if Independence Day has the same meaning for you as in years past. I would bet that it does for you and me but what about those on the other side that want to usher in socialism and do away with capitalism? I would almost bet that they might could just care less. That’s the impression I’m getting as politics unfold in this country today. It really bothers me. Where did we go wrong? How can so many want so little for our great America? Prosperity doesn’t seem to be in their wheelhouse. Its let the government take control of every aspect of our lives, tax the heck out of successful and industrious companies and their investors and give it to folks that have made no effort to contribute to the good of the whole.

Our little town will line the streets with flag waving, ice cream melting, folks holding onto dogs that are sniffing everyone and everything out. It will be crowded and it’s encouraging to me to see so many turn out to celebrate our Independence Day and to mingle with their neighbors and those they don’t know. Trust me, there are a lot I don’t know as our little town is growing by leaps and bounds with houses and condos going up on every corner. You most likely will see a few firearms on the hips of patriots, myself included. I know that there are folks lined up on the street that are somewhat concerned about seeing pistols or even a “bushmaster” on display in the crowd. They, however, are afraid of guns. They never owned one or fired one or wanted to be in the presence of anyone who did. I think it’s time they learned that that gun is not going to jump out of the holster and shoot anyone on its own. It is a tool for self protection and for sport and that’s all there is to it.

I doubt I will be there this year if my leg and foot don’t improve somewhat. I am supposed to be able to take my walking boot off and get with it. However, with the swelling in my foot as it is I don’t think I have any footwear I can put on it that has any support at all. We shall see.

When all of the old tractors, hot rods, pretty girls on horses, and fire trucks start down the street with the Marine Corps band in the mix it has to make a difference in how you feel about our America, Norman Rockwell’s America! If it doesn’t it should. For sure the next couple of years are going to create a lot of emotions good and bad as we struggle to maintain our sanity, liberty and most of all, our freedom!

“Where did we go wrong? How can so many want so little for our great America?”

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and DON’T BACK UP AND DON’T BACK DOWN! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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