Is that true? |

Is that true?

Gentle readers, how many times have you wondered…”is that really true”? Boy Howdy, I have lots and lots of times in the last humpteen years. Y’all remember we talked about those UFOs recently.

Yep, we sure did and I tried to convince you that I believed that they are as real as you and I are. Why? You remember, I saw one long ago and far away and it did things in the sky I had a hard time dealing with. You may not share my conviction, a lot of folks don’t. They say, “is that really true?” and I say “for sure.” Now that’s gonna’ bring us to big foot! Run for your life Charlie Brown and take ol’ Snoopy and Lucy with you. Here’s the deal. I got hooked on this TV series I think is called Exploring Big Foot or something like that. I saw that old video taken by the rancher I think in Washington state of big foot ambling along the forest floor without a care in the world. Looked real as Matt Dillon having a shoot out with a bad guy in Dodge City. “Is that for real I wondered?” Now in this series this woman who is sort of a skeptic and three guys who are beginning to look like Joe Biden are always looking for ol’ big foot late at night in the dark forest. OooooHH!… “Did you hear that?” “It came from over there, hurry let’s go see!” RIGHT! I guarantee you if they for the slightest moment thought it could be big foot they sure as heck wouldn’t be runnin’ to find him. Why, he would jerk their heads off and use them for bowling balls. “Is that true?“ I am gettin’ a little tired of realizing what a sucker I am for staying hooked to that production. Then again, my mother watched As The World Turns for 124 years and the same folks were still doing the same thing they were doin’ 60 years ago.

Y’all all have seen the ranch hand on his trusty steed take off after the beautiful and very fast black stallion and he has a rope in his hand and plans on catching him.”Is that true?“ I reckon so because he does catch up with him and get him roped and on the fight. Now tell me honestly, who wants a black stallion that is so slow you can run him down on the average ranch horse and get him roped? Hummm?

Did ya ever consider that? I didn’t until a week ago and then it hit me like Mike Tyson on an airplane at 30,000 feet!

By the way, those big foot folks always find somebody with a beer belly and suspenders that lives on the edge of the forest that has seen big foot on several occasions. I think that maybe they have a still in the woods and make a little “crazy juice.” Truth is, I hope they find a big foot and he eats one of them and then I can say, “SEE, I TOLD Y’ALL SO!”

What about in all the Hollywood westerns when someone takes off on their horse for whatever reason and they hollar, “HEEAWE”, HEEAWEE”, HEEAWE!,” Come on now is that true? They do it and it’s about the dumbest thing one can conjure up with a “sure nuff” workin’ cowboy crew. If I had a new man and he let a cow get away from him and then took off after her yellin’ HEEAHHH…HEEAWW, I would have to sit him down and learn a little bit more about where he is and where he has been. Me thinks he has been in front of the television too much of the time watching old Hollywood Westerns. I don’t think I ever heard Johnny Mack Brown or Hop Along (dating myself here) or yeah, maybe the Long Ranger let one slip now and then.

Oh well, “IS THAT REAL?” Actually, who cares? We got bigger problems, right? THAT IS TRUE!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember, do yer very best at every opportunity and you won’t ever have to look back. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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