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Tales from the ONO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Gentle readers, I lied to you when I said I was through with expounding on the coronavirus. I’m not through. I was until yesterday and now I have changed my mind. I am actually sick of it in one sense and not in another as I have been tested for the virus and it came back negative.

Yesterday (May 14, the anniversary of my “buckoff”) I watched as Colorado’s governor visited with President Trump at the White House. Mr. Trump was more than gracious to our governor and told him what a tremendous job he was doing here in Colorado fighting the virus. He even ignored the mask our governor was wearing only to remove it when he spoke to the president. All seemed to go well. Our governor is a gifted speaker. However, he apparently came back to Denver to get on television and explain to his base of liberal followers that he had not really wanted to go to the White House as he has issues with our president. He even called his mommy to see what she would advise him to do. She told him to stay home, stay safe! But, since he is our governor and the president did invite him to the White House to discuss the virus, he had to go. This is where I got to thinking… “I believe that the governor of any state represents all the citizens of that state and should not be playing favorites with his politics.” Our governor does not give a hoot about us deplorables here in “flyover” country. None, nada, zip, zero. At present he is king and will dictate to you and I where we can go and what we are expected to do when we get there.

Folks, this alarming state of affairs brought on by folks like our governor and “Dr. Falsely” are determined to continue with “the sky is falling, THE SKY IS FALLING” until they make all of us crazy. I have noticed in our little community here all of the folks wearing masks EVERYWHERE, even in their cars and most have this terrified look on their face. It’s nuts, I tell ya, it is nuts!

On Facebook I see videos of young women who own businesses speaking out about how unfairly they are being treated because they live in states where the governors are “donkeys” and they happen to be Christian conservatives. It seems the rules that apply to only a select few, don’t apply to them and their businesses. A woman in Sheridan, Wyo., was served with papers recently on her business. She was handed paperwork with 21 items she had to observe in order to keep her business open. She honored 20 of these and the only one she did not was to MAKE her employees wear the mask she had provided for them. She is a mother of four small children trying to keep her business open and her employees taken care of. This evening she will be seen again and shut down and closed up if all of her employees are not wearing masks. By the way, the cops that served her were not wearing masks and when asked why, she was told they were EXEMPT! Now that makes a lot of sense don’t it? Sheridan, Wyo., a “cowboy’s town” if there ever was one. The governor of Wyoming is a Republican, but he fooled a lot of folks when he was running. I heard a good bit of discussion about his liberal leanings. I’m tellin’ ya Charlie Brown, it’s time to kick that dang football and not allow Lucy to jerk it away! In my opinion, our governor is determined to bring the economy in Colorado to it’s knees and to slickly shift the blame to our president when the election rolls around. I’m sure Adam Shiftless will help him all he can.

“Pull quote.”

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, and I will tell you that I am a MAD JACK HANKS. Don’t drink their Kool-Aid, and ignore this B.S. virus that has spread like wildfire! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. This is my opinion and mine alone! ❖

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