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Movin’ on

Actually, gentle readers, I ain’t movin’ on anywhere except maybe to tell you that I did in fact, sign a (very nice) new contract for three years with a new advertising group. I’m happy about that. I expect to have a really nice calendar for your enjoyment for three more years. YEAH! The next thing is, I just signed another contract to have a little more than two thousand feet of my perimeter fence replaced. They don’t give that stuff away. I know the guys and I know they are good at what they do.

The cows are goin’ home this Saturday as I prepare for winter and don’t want to overgraze. They done good and raised some poppin’ good babies, some over 500 pounds.

My friend, Larry, gave me a really nice office chair to use at my computer. Folks, this is about a nice of a gift that a feller could receive. It looks brand new and is really, really comfortable.

A reader, Peggy, sent me a cute little joke. I will share it with you and you older guys should get a big kick out of this one. “I have been told the exact time my expiration date will occur. Yep, it’s when my grandkids unplug my life support system so they can recharge their cell phones!” THAT’S FUNNY!

I am feeling better about getting all that iron out of my leg. It just seems as if it is so much better than before. There are still some issues but you wouldn’t hear “The Duke” complaining, so I won’t either. I went dancin’ last Friday and just about had too much fun. No, not drinking, just pushing myself to get in one more dance and even had a cutie pie or two come and ask me for one more dance. By golly, I think I’ll go back again this Friday and see if I can do it all again. I reckon we could call it moving on.

By the way, I still have ample supply of calendars so if you were wondering about that, don’t. Again, thanks to all of you who order year after year. My arm is a little sore from reachin’ over and patting myself on the back for having such loyal customers and of course, I call you my friends because you are.

Leaving Wally World this morning I encountered those two “waste aways” or want you to believe they are in dire need. Well , these two beggin’ for money were in dire need of a bath, shave and a haircut and of course a job. I ignored their pitiful then nasty looks as I drove on by. One of our sheriffs noted recently that he observed one of these guys and at the end of the day, this “bum”‘ had taken in, are ya ready? $243.18. Just drive on by and give yer money to St. Judes or something like that.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember, we are in the majority and need to kick butt when necessary. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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