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Now or never

Mad Jack Hanks
Tales from the ONO Ranch, Wellington, Colo.

Is it now or never, gentle readers? Have we come to that point where we are standing on the edge of the abyss looking down into a forbidding canyon? We have been hearing little buzz words like re-imagine and rebuilding and so on. I think one might be able to re-imagine or rearrange your thoughts because I have in the past. I re-imagined some of the things I should have said or done in “Little Miss Martha’s ” last few days of life. I re-imagined that morning of May 14, 1999, when I saddled up that ol’ dun and rode off to check the fence. I took him because I wouldn’t be able to get my truck across the creek to where I needed to go.

Yep, that was the morning of my “big hoss wreck” and I re-imagined that I would have just forgot about checking fence that morning if I could get the chance to have “do overs.” We don’t get “do overs,” but I know full well when a far left leaning “burrocrat” says, “we are going to re-imagine our police department. That means we are going to lay off a bunch of officers and hire more folks that are “social engineering” types to replace them. You know, folks like mental specialists and, well, you know, folks that will try to get inside of one’s brain instead of putting a pair of “cuffs” on them.

Hey, I think we get it for sure. We can see what’s down the road for us in this new year and it’s obvious there is a lot of trash along the roadway. Oh, it won’t do any good to stop and try to pick it up because there will be more and more of it to come.

Have you noticed that a good many of the television ads are asking you and I to just fall in line and work together as “we are all in this together.” Right? Wrong. Not me, I’m not there working to destroy this country and it doesn’t matter how attractive you might make it sound to be a part of it. It’s already working on many of our young folks. I watched as a couple of “teeny boppers” were interviewed on one of the local Denver stations. Yep, they were going to get all their friends and everyone they could to jump in and support “BLM” and we ain’t talking Bureau of Land Management! Poor things, they just don’t have a clue. Kids like to take up a cause to fight for and promote many times without having researched it’s goals and beginnings.

Is it now or never? Is it time to finally say, “nope, enough is enough” and I ain’t gonna’ do like you tell me?

I think that the mask wearing and staying 6 feet away from others will be the mandate for who knows how long? That’s the way you control folks is to make them fearful of getting out of bed in the morning. I know socialist believe that we just print enough money and hand it out to those who will support their views and everyone will be on the same playing field. EQUALLY BROKE!

Well, everyone but the politicians, and you will find them on a totally different playground. I guarantee it AND LIVING THE GOOD LIFE!

We have horse whisperers, dog whisperers and so on. What we need is some really good politician whisperers to make them understand that we don’t reward bad behavior, only when they do good, do they receive a reward. I doubt if there is anyone that is capable of getting those folks, both sides of the aisle” untrenched and moving in a totally different and responsible direction.

Now or never… that remains on my brain and I wonder how many of you feel the same way. We have been extremely patient with our governor here in Colorado as we watch him destroy so many businesses with absolutely no science behind his demands.

Just the same, here we are in 2021 and it’s gonna’ be a different experience for sure.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, be kind to your neighbor and keep praying for a better world for us all, and I’ll c. y’all all y’all.

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