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On matters and such

Gentle readers, my friend Dave Lewis introduced me to one of his neighbors up on the Buckhorn Creek west of Loveland, Colo.

He gently warned me that this feller was a bit “crusty” and tougher than a wildcat in a Wyoming windstorm. (My words not Daves), but he did say, “Jack, he likes to use the phrase, “on matters and such.” We drove around the country a while and this feller used that phrase frequently and I latched on to it. I liked it and that’s why I’m using it today.

Today’s “matters and such” include a number of small topics I wanted to cover. One is, it appears to me that President Biden has included some of the Village People for his cabinet. We are obviously going to have one of each for whatever reason.

This week I mailed in my artwork for the 2023 Hoots calendar. We work far in advance in the calendar business. Actually, that is the last year of my contract that I will have had with the parent company for 26 years. I told them if they wanted to extend the contract for two years beyond that, send me a new one and I would sign it. It sounds like that is what they will do. Personally, I still have a “run a muck” brain and believe I can still create some clever and enjoyable cartoons for the years to come. I will be 85 by then and maybe that’s the time I put the pen up unless I still have those juices flowing.

I went to see my heart doc. for my annual visit last week. He had me take an EKG and have some blood work done. He strongly suggested I take the Covid vaccine as soon as it was available to me. He calls me that evening after he has had a chance to go over the blood work and EKG and told me all looked GREAT, so he would see me in another year. I’m undecided as if I want to take the vaccine or not. Another issue I am considering is if I should get this metal plate removed from my leg. There always seems to be constant irritation and for sure I know it is there. It’s rather large and has been there for almost two years. Problem is, I will be laid up for a few weeks if I do have it removed and I ain’t wanting any part of that, but what do you do?

It appears to me that the other side has hit the trifecta with getting all the marbles in the election, having the snotty nosed high tech folks deciding who gets to say what if anything at all. It’s called the cancel culture. I feel my “white privilege” disappearing with each and every day… hummm? And, of course, America’s anchor man, Rush Limbaugh, most likely will not survive his cancer. That is one man they have hated for so many years. I have thought, don’t have a clue why, that this year will be Willie’s last year. For god’s sake, smoke a little dope, stay up all night and consume all those little pills and he’s still at it. Great Scott, Charlie Brown, talk about some good genes?

Who knows, he may well out live me! Okay, I suppose that’s about all of the “matters and such” that I will cover for now and hope you have a wonderful year… okay? By the way, that “matters and such” feller passed years ago but he did not and will not pass from my memory.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, conger up that “true grit” and hang on to it and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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