Raccoon or bear?

I walked out of the house this morning a little after 6 to find my large garbage can on the back deck turned over and garbage scattered from hades to breakfast.

Gentle reader, my can was secured to a large post because of the high winds from time to time. My guess was raccoon at first as I have had them here before getting in the trash. I thought that I had the garbage can tied down securely enough a raccoon would not be able to tear it loose, but who knows? My neighbor west of me a ways has had a number of bears in his corn right there at the house and I thought it sure could have been a bear. However, you wouldn’t think a bear would leave the corn field and come up the road to a garbage can. Maybe it was Big Foot! I’m kidding of course, but just the same I began to bend over and pick up trash until I found myself getting dizzy and decided to go have my coffee with mi amigos and come back and finish up.

When I did arrive back home, I got a bag and one of those sticks you can pick up whatever with. It has a grip you squeeze and two prongs come together at the bottom and grab whatever. My daughter bought it for me when I was laid up and it was handy for picking up underwear and socks off the floor and what not.

Moving on… fall is officially here and it’s very dry like it seems to be most everywhere.

The fencing crew should be here today to start replacing some old, old fence on the back side of the ONO. Our president seems to be hell bent for leather in his efforts to keep letting people into America from the southern border. I keep saying, “I ain’t in this together with a bunch of folks that seem to have lost their ever lovin’ mind!” What will it take to take this country back? The election process? Taking to the streets armed to the teeth and declaring, “WE AIN’T GONNA’ TAKE IT ANY MORE?”

We have been spoon fed for so long, just a little bit at a time. Introduce fear and “we gotcha.” I saw this morning where 61 percent of the population is very concerned over global warming. Gentle readers, it’s working for them and they will not stop! I know that I am preachin’ to the choir, but so are THEY and seems to me that some of our choir is listening to them as well, a little at a time. This too shall pass but maybe not in our favor.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember to speak up, speak out and speak softly only if you are carrying a BIG STICK! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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