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Rain and the ridiculous

Yes RAIN! The answer to so many prayers and it has been such a good slow and necessary rain. Looks as if I will be able to kick a few pairs out for the summer season. It’s so depressing when it’s so very dry and there appears to be no relief in sight. Then the weather girl comes on and says you can expect rain on your place in the next two days!

Yeah.. right? Well, by golly gentle readers, she was right and I was so happy and felt renewed to know my pastures, trees and yard had a good drink of heavenly water. Too many times it just sprinkles a little enough to get your hopes up and then it’s hot and the wind blows and you find yourself down in the dumps again. No sir, not this time! I do so hope that you and yours got your fair share of this good fortune. I’ll take some more by the way and some more after that if it works out.

Now for the ridiculous. I had the opportunity to read what the “first husband” of our governor had to say about us sorry, whining, good for nothing rural folks. Don’t we realize that we are in the minority in this state and it’s time we realized we just can’t have our way all the time? He would like for us to not have our way and any time. WHAT A FRIGGIN’ JERK this fellow is. He is almost unbelievable the way he thinks and then makes his venomous remarks public so the world will know who he is and what he is about. HEY DUMMY, WE DON’T WANT YER DANG PRAIRIE DOGS DELIVERED TO OUR PART OF THE UNIVERSE. I know, I know you have since deleted all of the nasty, horrible things that you said about your fellow Coloradoans.

Folks, I just can’t help it. When I read about ignorant, self serving, hostile folks like this “bozo” that thinks because he has a leg up in the governor’s mansion, he can just berate and bully anyone and everyone he despises it makes me MADDER THAN HELL!! I beg of you, when it comes time to vote on the governor, just remember how shallow he must be to even entertain having a lunatic like Mr. Marlon Reis in the same room with him. For Pete’s sake, Charlie Brown, keep yer eye on the football! This is so important for all of Colorado to know. We country folks are the very ones that provide you with your groceries each and every week. YES, it’s us. You would have an empty fridge and empty cabinets if we weren’t out there in all kinds of weather bustin’ our butts to put food on your table as well as ours. Gosh dang, Marlon, this is the WEST! This is where REAL MEN AND WOMEN live and do our best to get along under any fair condition that is good for the whole. Me thinks you are just a spoiled little brat so immature you may never grow up. Tell ya what… go into any cowboy bar and spill yer guts and we shall see what a tough little guy you are? Hummm?

Alright enough of that today. I had to go in and get my hearing checked as I do have some issues at times with my understanding of what was just said. After my hearing exam, I THINK the lady said “you have a serious hearing problem.” Soooo, I’m going back in a few days and finish my exam and I would bet that I’ll come away with some hearing aids.

By the way, the new calendar company that has taken up the printing and distribution of my calendars informed me today that they will be shipping the 2023 calendars to me shortly. I will keep you posted as to the details of price, etc. Gotta’ love this weather!

Oh and let me say how proud I am of The Fence Post for having such a fighting spirit! Love you gals!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, and when it’s time to call a spade a spade, DO IT! and I’ll c. y’all all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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