Sad state of affairs |

Sad state of affairs

Tales from the ONO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Yes, it is a sad state of affairs and let’s just get right to it. It is an extremely sad state of affairs for folks in the cattle business and those that DID work in the oil patch. Cattle prices are in the drink and now followed by those folks that produce our oil and gas to heat our homes and keep our vehicles on the move. Gone, just flat zippo, nada and over night!

Now Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, in my opinion, is just happier than a coyote in the chicken house. Yep, he had been handed his Christmas way ahead of time with the packing plants having to close (for a short period), cattlemen struggling to keep the wolf away from the door and now, no more oil production in his pristine state!

With less vehicles on the road it’s obvious that the air is cleaner and we all know where that is headed, gentle readers, don’t we? Here’s the deal, life is about trade offs and compromise, right? If you live in the “burbs” or in the city, you CANNOT HAVE PRISTINE air to breath and still have a viable economy and a place to go to work and a church to worship in and a theater for entertainment and most of all, your grocery store that keeps you healthy or not. There has to be trucks, trains and what not to get the goods and services to your city and they do what trucks and trains do. Not everyone is going to ride a bicycle or skateboard or drive a tiny electric car!

They just won’t!

“Pull quote.”

The governor recently in one of his educational briefs on camera offered that he and his family were reduced to eating peanut butter sandwiches as they chose to stay safely at home and not go out for curb-side cafes. Well, BOO HOO. Governor I ain’t fallin’ for that crap. You are NOT ONE OF US in fly over country and you never will be. By the way, you couldn’t get this feller and not only him but my president that I adore, to shut up if you hit’em in the head with a shovel. There comes a time guys when you need to put a sock in it! You’ve made your point!

Here are the facts (I believe) as I have been able to construct them honestly. The coronavirus has killed more folks than the flu in only two states, New York and New Jersey. In all the other states the flu has killed way more folks than this new virus. Not only that pilgrim, but over 80 percent of those that contract it recover, some not even knowing that they had anything but a bad cold. This is not to take away from the devastation and grief it has caused countless others. It is deadly for some and not so for others. Most, but not all of the news media want us to be anxious and afraid constantly as we have been lead to stay at home, don’t go out bla, bla bla. Fact is, it is much healthier for you to be outside doing “whatever” than cooped up in your house breathing the same stale air. As our friend, Porky Pig says… ”THAT’S ALL FOLKS” and I might add, I think we have been HAD!

Stay tuned, maintain your fire arms, keep yer ear close to the ground and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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