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Social justice

Tales from the ONO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Gentle readers, we hear a lot about social justice and social injustice in the news all the time. It usually comes from the left side of the playing field.

What exactly is social justice I pondered before I decided to put this to print? I know that for some out in left field, social justice is taking money from me and you and giving it to someone they believe is deserving because of this or that or whatever. Usually, our money would go to someone whom they believe is on hard times. It doesn’t matter if that someone is capable of putting out more effort to get away from hard times or not. Let’s just say it’s someone who has six kids, not married, has been living off the system forever and doesn’t want to live any other way. I say to that BULL CRAP!! Why have six kids if you cannot take care of them and yourself without someone paying your way? We all know why, but just the same that is one example of social justice for some. To me, social justice is finding a new mom for that bum lamb or orphan calf. If not a new mom, a bottle or bucket feeding every day until they can and will take care of themselves.

Hummmm? How about that?

For us folks playing out here in right field we have surrendered our will and desire to put a stop to this sort of injustice for low these many years. We got what we deserved I reckon. Now we have to fund every new definition of personal sexual whatever. I heard just the other day on talk radio where these kids in middle school were interviewed and stated that almost 40 percent of kids in that school were not really sure what their sexual identification was! You gotta’ be kiddin’ me Charlie Brown. That’s a fact Jack!

What did folks do back in the 30s during the depression? They struggled, scraped, and did any and all type of jobs that were available. My uncle told me my dad would help my ailing grandfather by driving a tractor for him on what was a “share cropping” arrangement my grandfather had made with the landowner. My dad was a fairly good pitcher with a baseball and he carried a wrench with him on the tractor. Whenever he came across a jackrabbit, he would hop off the tractor and throw the wrench at him. He usually got the rabbit and so their dinner meal was jackrabbit stew.

We have become an overweight, lazy, angry, nation with a splash of expecting something for nothing in many cases.

I am not talking about you the rancher and farmer who are fighting to keep your markets open and a fair price for your goods when there are so many wanting to disable you for having the absurd notion you can own livestock, send them off to slaughter and drive big tractors and trucks that pollute the friendly skies.

Social justice would be if we could find a way to withhold all of the things that they think they are entitled to, such as milk, vegetables, meat, bread, fruit, and of course, gasoline for their vehicles. No water for their golf courses, or back yard fountains and of course no food or treats for Fluffy and Hercules.

I know I am preachin’ to the choir but nobody would put this to print but folks like The Fence Post and they may not totally agree with everything I offer up, but they are here for you and I.

So sorry about the printing of “sorry, no plastic, cash or money orders for my calendars.” I, of course, meant to say I just don’t take credit cards, but will take your check, cash, money order or maybe a good ribeye. You guys have been so good to me, way more than I deserve, so I THANK YOU — lots of calendars left.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and consider what we are up against and roll up your sleeves and flex those muscles, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

Mad Jack Hanks

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