Some of my favorite things |

Some of my favorite things

Gentle readers, we all have or have had favorite things. Things that we just are

comfortable with like a favorite shirt or blouse. A favorite pair of boots or shoes.

I have a saddle blanket down in the saddle room that is my favorite one. I don’t

ride any more so I reckon that blanket (pad) is wondering what’s going on. I do

have a favorite shirt and a favorite pair of boots. I used to could wear those under

slung high heel, high top boots with all that fancy stitching, but alas, no more. Nope

I am confined to either a comfortable walking shoe or a lace-up, flat-heeled packer

type boot. I have a favorite song and that is, “Country Roads” by John Denver. My

favorite meal is a ribeye with salad and baked potato. My favorite time of the year

is the fall. Spring is just too unpredictable and I never seem to be able to outguess

what the next day might bring. I’ve had favorite horses but very few that I really,

really liked throwing a leg over. I have a favorite “wild rag” and Wrangler jeans are

my favorite pants. I don’t own a suit and I haven’t had one for many years. I went

to Martha’s funeral in a pair of Wranglers, a white shirt and tie and western sport

coat. She was buried in a denim dress that had straps like a pair of overalls and a

white blouse. That was what she requested. That was her favorite dress, the one

she was most comfortable in. My (our) favorite television show used to be the Bob

Newhart show. There are not any shows like that left. They all seem to have a social

agenda so I just stick pretty much to conservative news programs. I used to have a

favorite cowboy hat, my second of all my 40-plus year of playing cowboy. I did

until yesterday when the wind took it away. I ain’t makin’ this up. I walked out of the

cafe yesterday morning after having breakfast with mi amigos to get in my truck.

It was parked in front of the cafe and the wind was as bad as I’ve ever seen. I had

one hand on my hat until I went to open my truck door and when I removed that

hand my hat was GONE. I NEVER SAW IT AGAIN. Of course, when it blew off my head

I looked in the direction it surly was headed and I never saw it. My neighbor, Eldon,

and I walked the parking lot in that cold wind looking under every vehicle and every

nook and cranny for the next block down the street and no hat. Folks, that hat was

the one that fit perfectly and looked really good on me. I received many, many

comments over the years on that big black hat. Mostly from women. I would hear

“I really like your hat!” What they were sayin’, I believe, was “I like the way you

look in that hat.” Doesn’t matter, it’s gone forever and I am really gonna’ miss it.

I do have a favorite question to ask and it is…”if over a million folks have crossed our

border illegally and were not vaccinated, why aren’t there dead bodies up and down

our roadways and why aren’t our hospitals full of these folks that should be very sick?

Just asking for a friend.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, hold those favorite things close and I’ll c. y’all

all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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