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Yes, for sure, gentle readers, spring is about to spring upon us. YEAH! I am so ready for the warmer days giving me an opportunity to get back outside and get some much needed exercise. I have a lot of little chores that need doing! I also have gained a few extra pounds as I haven’t had horses here to buck bales and clean stalls for.

I had an appointment with my heart doc yesterday and after an EKG and the usual testing, we had a good down to earth visit. He informed me that I didn’t really need to be seeing him unless I wanted to. My resident doc could handle my prescriptions and office visits if needed. I was so relieved to get that news.

It was on the seventh of March in 1969, son Andy, our first born, was delivered at the Baptist Hospital in Amarillo. It was a cold day with snow on the ground and I was so proud of “Little Miss Martha” as she had a tough time in delivery. What a great day!

I have a hard time believing that occurred 53 years ago. Oh my gosh! It appears as if we will have the same weather about the same time this year as when he was born.

I hear that the wheat crops in Oklahoma, Texas and some parts of Kansas are not so good. Chances are they will be grazed out with steers or what not in order to recover their investment. I’ve ridden lots of wheat pastures and doctored lots of yearlings with my cowboy crew and many times by myself as well. I’ve had my kids when they were small ride along if they wished. I also have entertained “cowboy wannabe” friends that tagged along if they would just stay outta’ my way if necessary until I got the cattle roped and tied down. There were times when they could help if I needed something out of my medicine bag etc. I miss those days a lot and didn’t realize how much I would at the time. You know, heck, I ain’t gettin’ old, I’ll always be doing this sort of thing until they put me in the box. How little we know when we think we know it all!

Just got off the phone with a feller in Couer d’ Alene, Idaho wanting to know if I would be interesting in selling some of my oil royalties down in west Texas. I thought how odd, usually those calls come from Texas. I wasn’t interested but we had a good little visit as he had kids that lived in my general area. Small world.

Me thinks here in a short while I will find my way out into the yard and start raking up pine needles and burning them if the wind doesn’t rear its head and spoil my plans.

A little off the subject, I see an old version of Merlin Perkins and his sidekick Jim Fowler of Wild Kingdom fame where they were chasing a small grizzly bear a’horseback and with a pack of dogs. Get this. Merlin roped the bear! ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME CHARLIE BROWN?

Merlin Perkins ropes a bear! Git outta’ the city! That’s for Charlies Russel’s cowboys to do… not MERLIN PERKINS AND JIM FOWLER! My hat was off to those boys for their courage or lack of common sense or whatever. Now we know there was a camera crew there and medical help if necessary and it almost was when Jim decided to go remove the rope from the bear and it chased him up a tree and almost, ALMOST removed his posterior anatomy.

It for sure was fun watchin’!

I reckon that will do it for this column. Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember, we “are just Biden our time.” I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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