Struck out again |

Struck out again

Yep, gentle readers, I have struck out again. Didn’t intend to but that is the way the cards were dealt. I was determined to put this column in a lighter note this week due to all the gloom and doom of recent days and weeks. So, what happened? Isis and Kabul happened.

This Afghanistan mess has weighed upon my mind and maybe yours as well as it seemed to get more and more unstable and concerning. The chickens came home to roost today and as of this writing on the 26th of August at 5 p.m., 12 American service men have been killed and dozens injured along with many Afghans dead and wounded.

America has been rendered a subject to the Taliban and their demands and wishes. I also understand we left 22,000 Humvees along with billions and billions of weapons of war which we had decided the Afghans would use to defend their homeland.

Could it be we just don’t understand this culture and never have and if we thought we did, we just tossed it all in the wind? Sad, sad day for us and all who stand with us.

President Joe struck out big time. I fear it’s a long way from being done before we get folks out of there and those who have helped us.

We all strike out every day in many of the task we take on. Sometimes we fail as parents, employees or employers. I have seen the time I couldn’t rope a painfully sick steer in the pasture no matter how hard I tried and how many loops I threw. This particular steer was so much sicker by the time I did get him caught and doctored than when we started. I failed, I struck out. Heck, you have been there, maybe not pasture roping, maybe just trying to prepare a special meal for your friends, family or guest. It happens to us all. We STRIKE OUT. I hope we as Americans never EVER strike out again like we did on this day. I have to tell you I am so angry, upset, and discouraged with the folks that are responsible for the welfare of all Americans. The future looks bleak for the upcoming winter months for our future as a nation where we can feel as if we will be back in the driver’s seat. I sort of understand how Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph of the Nez Perz and Black Kettle at Sand Creek all felt as they witnessed their beloved home lands began to just fade away. Truly, I think we are much, much better than that and we, like the phoenix, shall rise again!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion. I would also check my ammo supply and my ability to confront whatever? I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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