Stupid is as stupid does |

Stupid is as stupid does

Tales from the O-NO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Gentle readers, how many times have you done something, anything, and then had a thought, “now that was stupid!” We all have had those moments. The thing is … how many times have you repeated the same mistake? If you ever did it again, that was stupid.

Here we sit, you and I, Americans listening to the news each and every day and we hear how bad things are from one group and how good we have it from another group. We know where we stand but most of us don’t express our opinions often enough to the folks that we know are going to be offended. Why not? Well, we have been brainwashed to actually believe that we should not open our mouth or wear a certain cap unless we are surrounded by our own crowd. Preaching to the choir is the correct explanation. Of course, the end result is we have been pushed aside, been told that we are deplorable and unredeemable and that we are racist and we are big time haters. That’s just not true of us and we all know it.

Moving on … I learned just last week that if we followed the “New Green Deal” to the letter and got rid of all motorized vehicles, lawn mowers, airplanes, big rigs and on and on and tore down all of our houses and current buildings and rebuilt them blah, blah blah, we would reduce our temperature by .08-1.03 degrees over the next 20 years. Of course we aren’t going to do that. Even the supporters of the crazy woman that is promoting this agenda would not follow through in their wildest dreams. How stupid is that idea in the first place? America would be reduced to a third world country and the most extreme carbon pollution comes from China, India and other parts of the world. This silly girl couldn’t grease a skillet if her brains were made of lard and yet the other side of the aisle runs to her and pats her on the head and looks for her approval. Sometimes children I think that I must be havin’ a bad dream and none of this is real ‘CAUSE NOBODY CAN BE THAT STUPID! Let me use an analogy here. Suppose of all the horses in the corral on this new job you got as a cowboy were good lookin’ ponies and all appeared to be sensible and the kind of pony you would want to get on after breakfast in the morning.

Well, all of them but that jug-headed, pigeon-toed, parrot-mouthed, Roman-nosed, pig-eyed paint off in the corner. “Man, talk about ugly and broncy lookin’, I hope I never have to ride him. He’s not like the other ponies in here and I can’t figure out why he’s even here,” yer thinking. Sure enough, the horses you have in your string all have issues with lameness or whatever and the cow boss says, “ride ol’ paint there today!” Your heart sinks. You already know you are gonna’ look bad sittin’ on him and most likely will have a fight on your hands all day long. Much to your surprise, at the end of the day you discovered ol’ Paint was far better as a ranch hoss than any of the others you had ridden. He was calm, sure-footed, fast, loved to rope and could cover lots of ground. The thing of it was, ol’ Paint just didn’t fit in with the remuda and he didn’t look like you would want him to if you ever had to ride him.

We do stuff like that all the time. Ol’ Paint is in the white house runnin’ this country and there are too many folks that are just too stupid to realize the value of who and what he has done and will do. Did ya git it?

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I really appreciate you taking your time to read this column!! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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