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Summer at the Ono

Tales from the Ono Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Yep, gentle readers, summer finally arrived on this 11th day of July. It was 93 degrees last I looked this afternoon. That is summertime for sure in this part of Colorado. Oh yeah, it’s been hotter here in the past which makes me think that we are not warming up but getting cooler. Hummmm. It has been as you know an unusual cool spring and early summer with rain, snow, rain and more rain. My pastures are so lush that I don’t believe in the 25 years I have lived here they have ever been in this good of shape.

I was embarrassed when I came home from the hospital to see all the tall grass and weeds surrounding my place. I have a really nice neighbor that on occasion will mow his barrow ditch in front of his place and come on up the road and do mine as well and it was nice to see he had been here.

I managed to get my bush hog hooked up this week and take care of most of what was an eyesore to me. I had purchased a new riding lawn mower earlier and my granddaughter had used it to keep the yard from overtaking my house. I also removed a ramp that was built for me to get in and out easier than steps. Truth is I have been working until I find myself out of gas and it doesn’t take all that much for me to feel that way. I am gaining strength and confidence as I stumble through my days of trying to keep this place organized.

I remember begging for one good hot, hot day back when I was miserable and it wouldn’t stop with the cold rain and dreary days. Well, I reckon I got one today and most likely tomorrow as well. That’s okay. By golly Charlie Brown summer is supposed to be hot.

“I remember begging for one good hot, hot day back when I was miserable and it wouldn’t stop with the cold rain and dreary days.”

Cheyenne Frontier Days will be going on as you read this and those folks coming from all over will stare in disbelief as they see the rolling hills of nothing but green grass. The green green grass of home or so the song goes. I always liked that song. I called an old friend down in Texas and told him about my wreck as we are both old men and he was not amused with my joking about it. The doc asked me last week what I was doing for exercise? That was because my foot when presented to him was red and much swollen. That caught me off guard as I thought I had been exercising enough and maybe too much which caused so much swelling. I told him I had been dancing the last two weekends and just taking care of my place. He gave me a large rubber strap and some instructions on how to exercise my leg and foot with it and told me to come back in a month.

I have been working harder at exercise and it seems to be working. I just don’t want Mr. Summer to be over with here at the ONO and ol’ Mad Jack still with a gimpy leg. Soooo, I’m goin’ dancin’ tomorrow night and the next night and dance longer and harder! We shall see. Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember to support your local rodeo. Those folks work long and hard to get you the best entertainment that they can! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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Mad Jack Hanks

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