Sure nuff

Sure nuff the sun came up this morning as I had anticipated. I was able to get out of my chair and get some coffee going. I hope to be able to quit my “chair sleeping” in a few days. Those old busted ribs on an old guy take some special sacrifices.

Sure nuff the weather gal sez we about to get us some rain and snow here in the next couple of days. Man, that is some good news. Hummm…I wonder about me just tossing those “man” words out there and not including all of the other genders. You got to be kidding me. I will continue because I know who I am writing this column for.

Sure nuff I believe the county commissioners over in Weld County will not allow this woman to bring all of her adopted prairie dogs out to her newly purchased property in the county. She did state that she purchased over 300 hundred acres of land and paid cash for it and there’s more where that came from.

Okay, okay we get it lady. You got some deep pockets and so we should just all roll over and surrender? Nope.

But you see, she assured us that she would put a plastic barrier around it to keep them on her place, all 1,300 of the little nasty varmints. Well, pilgrim what if a 60 mile an hour wind takes that plastic barrier down to Trinidad, Colo.? What then? See, here’s the deal. We are dealing with another one of those “smarter than us” people with absolutely no common sense. She has about as much common sense as a sloth on an interstate highway.

I would guess that most of those fellers over there are country folks as we are and they are not about to allow some woman with lots of money to run over the rest of us. I could be wrong of course, but me thinks not, Charlie Brown.

Sure nuff gasoline prices are going up almost weekly. I filled up this morning and a hundred bucks didn’t quite cover it. I expected no less. Putin’s war ya know. Dang that Putin! I wish he would just quit being a bad hombre once in his life. Me thinks he has somewhat of an ego problem. He rushed into Ukraine thinking they would roll over and submit to his way of thinking. He thought he was saving their country for Mother Russia, however they didn’t see it that way and it appears he got a can of “whup ass” opened up on him.

Sure nuff I think I am going to be able to get back to dancin’ this weekend if this winter storm is not too severe.

I have gotten to where I just don’t enjoy going out in really bad weather unless it’s necessary. This old home and that wood stove are just what a guy needs on a cold, nasty winter night. Yep, in about two days it will be 80 degrees again and I bet we grow some grass and I can kick out a few pairs on the ONO for the summer.

Sure nuff we at this point and time are not able to just toss all of our cares out the window like the guy on the cover of Mad Magazine. Ol’ Alfred E. Newman, “what, me worry?” Yes, we have an ample supply of things to worry about at present. It’s exciting that’s for sure, but I really would rather be sailing on calmer waters than this rip tide we’ve been riding that seems like forever.

Sure nuff, if gasoline keeps getting higher because of Putin’s war, we will all rush out and buy electric vehicles.

NOT. Nope, I just don’t believe that this business of “green energy” is going to be our ace in the hole! You have to remember that the folks pushing all of this nonsense don’t HAVE A CLUE” what it’s like to be me and you. They just don’t. They live on another planet. Maybe some day they will.

Sure nuff, I think I have said enough to make somebody mad, so I’ll just shut up.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, and remember, “it’s not what you look at but what you see!” Henry David Thoreau, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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