The big bad wolf |

The big bad wolf

Yep, for sure, gentle readers, we will most likely have a big bad wolf problem here in Colorado before it’s all over. There are just too many lovers of the wolf that are willing to go to bat for their reintroduction here in the state than there are enough of us who can’t seem to stop them. When you have politicians like many we have here, it’s hard to navigate and have any control what so ever of these situations. Of course, the answer to this problem is to just turn wolves loose in City Park in Denver and let them have free run of the “burbs”.

When Fluffy and Commander get eaten in front of their masters, things will change. By the way, I see so many pets, mostly dogs, on Facebook that are lost because they have run away, it brings the question. When your dog sleeps in the bed with you and eats at the table and snuggles on the couch when you are watching a movie, why in the world would they want to run away? Hummm? Give’um a chance baby and watch’um run. Go figure.

There is another big bad wolf. China! I’m asking a question when I already know the answer. How in the world did we arrive to find ourselves in the condition that we are in the world today. Answer: Greedy politicians with their hand out and a gutless nature about them that has allowed the Chinese to literally run amuck and over the top of us. They produce most of our meds, household items and clothing that if we took all of that out of our house, what’s left? Maybe some food items and weapons. by the way, did y’all know that the Chinese invented black powder for ammo back in the fourteenth century? That’s a fact Jack!

Now we have a commander in chief that stumbles around raising his voice like he was really more like John Wayne than Pee Wee Herman or Tiny Tim. Folks, we are in big trouble in this country and China reminds us of that almost every day. Tell me amigos, what is wrong with us producing our own meds, clothing and household items in our own country? We have done it before but oh those Chinese work so much harder and cheaper and do such a better job than we can do at present. That’s true. I, like you, see help wanted signs at each and every turn. We got all of a couple of million illegal aliens in this country that are supposed to be here to work and better their situations. Why aren’t they out there filling these jobs? We both know the answer to that. Our government will help pay their rent, give them food stamps, free health care and their kids a free education. Man, what a deal! Have we just gotten so lazy and comfortable that we just depend on the government to take care of us from the cradle to the grave? I tell y’all what I think we need to do. That is get our head out of our apps and start looking around to see what we can do to improve the US of A.

I get it! I know that I am preaching to the choir and that you guys and I are on the same page most of the time. Most of our farmers here in my area have been hailed out in their corn crops. They will continue to put food on the table. Ranchers for the most part are through branding and the cows are up on the mountain and pool riders will be checking the meadows and timber keeping the bulls active and doctoring critters when needed. Working folks will still be working while others just can’t seem to get off of their collective butts and pitch in when they need to. I guarantee you they would feel better and have more respect for themselves if they did.

Let me say once again how much I appreciate you guys and all the encouraging comments I receive from you. Yes, you and I are in this together, however, my governor has called me selfish and Hillary has referred to us as , my words, despicable. Gives us a warm fuzzy feeling… right? We will prevail!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember, so a man thinks, so will he travel, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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